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"advantage tokens" and how to [REMOVED] them for the greater good


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tl:dr at the end of post!


Hi there, in this thread I would like to propose a way, in which we use the "advantage tokens" to the community's and to each individual's advantage. You'll learn how to generate additional tokens for the playerbase if you read this post. Let me explain:


The system as it works now, provides the player which is less likely to win 2 extra "advantage tokens" in expert mode if he manages to emerge victorious. That's pretty cool, weaker players have incentive to improve this way. But there's also a downside. New players start off the game with a very limited amount of cards viable in competitive play and not everyone can afford to buy lots codes for additional cards. This leads to the saddening experience of players willing to play pvp for tokens, but not being able to get a lot them, which means they can't get their hands on cards to improve their deck, thus not being to compete in the first place. They go to novice cause they get stomped in expert, where they can't earn any tokens at all. It's a vicious circle.


Here's what we do: Noob or not, play expert, period. Pay attention in the loading screen to who has the advantage sign. Try your best to win, as you would always. Have fun.


1. You have the advantage and are winning, all it takes is one last move from your side and the game is over. You surrender! Yes, I mean it. Your opponent will love you for this, he's getting 2 extra tokens, and you're not getting any less. you would have only gotten 1 anyway. Tell him why you surrender though, and encourage him to do the same in the future.

2. Your opponent has the advantage and you are losing. Now this is the hard part. Get your opponent to surrender so you get extra tokens. Oh how many times I would encounter thick ears. Here's a few tips. when the match starts, show your opponent you're an honorable player. a "gl hf" is always nice. your opponent might think he gets more rewards for winning which is not the case, or something similar. You have to understand that most people get suspicious when someone tries to talk them into forfeiting. So be nice. Next, don't start off with "hey cna you surrned for me extra tokenz". it's important you give your opponent proper acknowledgement for his win. so tell him "gg wp, i acknowledge your win. would you consider forfeiting though so i'll get the bonus tokens. That'd be very nice" or something like that. Consider proper spelling and grammar, so your chances at success are better. Sometimes people say yes, sometimes people say no, sometimes they won't answer at all.


Clarification on token rewards:


In novice mode: Games will only award "first win of the day"-rewards, but other than that none at all.


In expert mode:

- If the total playing time is under 4.5 mins when the game ends, none of the players will be rewarded.

- If the total playing time surpasses 4.5 mins, the player who loses always gets one token.

- If the total playing time surpasses 4.5 mins, the player who wins when he has the advantage will always get one token.

- If the total playing time surpasses 4.5 mins, the player who wins when the opponent has the advantage will get three tokens.

- advantage is shown in the loading screen.


Both queues are identical in every way except in how tokens are rewarded. There's no matchmaking, you get randomly paired with whoever queues up in both of the queues. There's no downside in officially losing a game. Technically you can participate in any tournament and win it even if you have 0 wins and 10000 losses in your account history.


So spread this if you like and feel free to post if you have something you would like to add or if you disagree with something I said.



In expert games, if your opponent has the advantage and you win, you get 3 tokens. In any other scenario, you get 1. So be that guy who's content with knowing he has technically won if you're one move from finishing your opponent and forfeit the match, so your foe gets the 2 extra tokens. You'll appreciate it when someone does it for you.

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I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet!


Thanks for taking the time to write this all up on the behalf of the community, man! As someone who's been around the game for a little bit and earned a few decent cards, I have definitely thought of this dynamic before. Often enough I find myself in a situation where, on pvp expert, I not only have better cards than a clearly newer player, but also (for better or worse!) have spent enough time with this game that I can also maximize in-game what cards I do have better than one who is only starting. You're right, there are thus a number of factors conspiring against newer players from doing well (or even lasting long enough for any tokens) on expert.


Speaking from personal experience, the struggle then is quite simple: overcoming my own ego -- that sense of dubious accomplishment that seems to come with looking at the win/loss stats on one of my "good" decks. Some days it's easier than others.


I've managed to run a few that exceed a 50% win rate, nearly without paying for cards, either, to the point where I can usually be confident that someone favored to win against me likely has either top tier cards, a brash rogue strategy, very high skills, or all three.


So what am I to do, then, in every other scenario?


I do think it's great to at least get this idea out there, so that those who spend a lot of time/money on this game they enjoy can consider giving a small helping hand to those who would like to as well; but I also think that at the end of the day, all we can really do is implement this kindness ourselves and let others join as they will, without being pressured.


Indeed, it is interesting that you bring up sportsmanship; that is certainly one of the primary factors I consider when deciding whether or not to forfeit a match in favor of an "underdog" opponent. It almost goes without saying that if someone is rude to me, I will be less disposed to sympathize (empathize! I've been there, still am) with them -- but, that applies to hardly anyone in the game, too. Most guys here are cool and just want to play! So often it is something I think about.


What I believe my most important comment to make here is that I know that I would never personally ask an advantaged player to forfeit to me; I have certainly appreciated it when they do (only a small handful of times, I think), but otherwise I am content to know that I have played a good game and earned a small reward for doing so. In that vein, I would just like to caution others from doing similarly -- taking such a direct approach can backfire, and could cast what should largely be a philanthropic effort into a more controversial area. I feel that when I lose a game, I am not of course technically "owed" anything by my opponent.


The tough thing about this game (and life in general) is learning to accept the behavior of others when you cannot change it and, to your best ability, not letting it bother you. Some people (myself definitely included, especially in the past) can get pretty deep into the "winning" aspect of the game. While it is of course (seemingly) what the game is all about, at the same time, I agree with you that the game is also about something much more: Forging an online, international (!) community where those who love to play the Pokemon TCG can, for the first time ever, come together and treat each other with respect and kindness, especially in light of their shared passion for the game.


So yeah, good post! :) I really hope that those of us who are like-minded see this and give it some thought. I know it ultimately makes no difference to me, really, what my win/loss ratio is; but it can make a world of difference to another player not only when he gets a small bonus, but when he realizes that someone out there cares enough to choose to give it to him. :)


(P.S. Even as one who essentially does not pay to play, I feel I should also point out that of course, another way both to get better cards and to support the game itself is to buy them outright -- and that is the inevitable backdrop against which this question is set.)

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Hello ByteKnight,


Attempting to bypass the filter is not permitted. The filter is in place to block words and topics that are not permitted for discussion. Please refrain from doing so in the future.


Thanks for your understanding!

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