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EX Counter Decks: Anyone Is Welcome To Post Their Decks Here!!!!


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Hello my name is Legendmaker21,

As far as most of you know, many EX Pokemon are WAY OP in certain ways.

Because of this reason many play EX Pokemon in a lot of decks. Most playable EX Pokemon are very expensive to get in terms of money or packs in game via trading. So I will be posting decks to counter MOST EX decks (not all of them) . These decks will be relatively inexpensive to make and contain few or NO EXS at all !!! Furthermore, these EXS will be cheap or inexpensive to get in game or in real life as they are reprints or not that often seen in the format.


Plasma Mix XD


18 Pokemon

2 Buoffalant with Gold breaker ability

2 Cinccino with smooth coat

3 Minccino

2 Mew EX

2 Ursaring Team Plasma with Adrenalash

3 Teddiursa

1 Articuno with Ice Wing

1 Articunno EX

2 Thunderus EX (Recommended you use the promo version to cut down expenses)

24+ Trainers/Supporters

3 N

2 Juniper

2 Silver Bangle

2 Aspertia City Gym

1 Super Rod

1 Hynotoxic Laser

1 Ace Spec (your choice)

2 enhanced hammer

2 Ultra Ball

2 silver mirror

4 Team Plasma badge

2 Frozen City


18 Energy

4 Prism Energy

4 Double Colorless

6 water energy

2 Lighting energy



Usually you want to start with Minccino then evolve, get Cinccino out to do echoed voice for 50 damage, then the next turn you do 100 damage. You can also start with Bouffalant or Teddiursa then evolve to Ursaring the next turn, this helps in that if your Pokemon are KO'D by an attack they only take one prize card. Furthermore, if you your opponent is playing a fighting deck, then switch to mew ex for an advantage. However, if they knock you out, they take 2 prize cards instead of one. Adding Articunno EX is a big plus but if you dont want to waste time and money I suggest you stick with mew since its a reprint in LTR.




You can always substitute or add changes to list anyway you like, Rock Guard, Drowsing Machine, or Life Dew is recommended as an ACE-Spec for this deck. Feel free to post any other deck on this tread that might do good against any EX decks.

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has this actually been tested and shown to work? the combination I'm seeing really isn't that convincing. The bouffalant os nice and all as a EX counter but in most scenarios I find that he doesn't stay in the game long enough to make a significant impact on the game. at best for this deck i would say is that luck plays a big role in winning the game. relies heavily on you flipping heads for hammersand opponent flipping tails for smooth coat/catcher and even with those advantages I don't think the odds are in your favor still unless you are playing a regular novice that loads his deck with EX just because he thinks they'll win him the game.

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thanks for your feedback, i have used this deck many times actually, and many games I played it has been very close as to who wins. I also have altered the deck list a bit in game to improve my chances and and added some silver mirror to help against plasma decks. Cinccino is merely often used as a sacrifice or against decks with safeguard where I don't have Ursaring . I added and remove some cards to add extra kicks into it. Actually I use Ursaring a lot of times instead of cinccino, the thing is I really dont have a lot of really good cards such as Genesect or Virizon and this deck is for starting out.

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I would said that the best EX counter would be Sigilyph and Suicune as their ability doesn't allows EX to attack it, but still many EX deck runs non-EX too. I don't think Articuno EX and Articuno is good, even if you paralyze it, a Virizion EX will prevent the paralyze and Keldeo EX can just rush in and retreat. Urasing won't be able to setup that fast. Bouffalant might be good, but you can only OHKO EX if you have Silver Bangle attached to it and use Hypnotoxic Lasers + Virbank City Gym. I would definitely add Suicune to the deck if you really want to kill EX. Also you probably need 4 N and 4 Juniper + more Supporter like Skyla, Colress or Bianca.


Hope this help

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thanks for the input i have tweaked this a bit and possibly work i bit better will improve it. I added a laser and other cards.

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I wouldn't take the Safeguard pokemons personally, most decents decks have taken those pokemon into consideration and have very good counters for them, also I don't think you can expect yourself to face ex decks every game. unless that's all youre aiming for then maybe its not such a bad idea.


even without 1 hit KO the bouffalant is still pretty decent, 2 hit KOs isn't that bad considering the prize exchange, its just that its likely to go down in the following turn and it'll take 3 of your energy down with it (particularly painful if the hard-to-retrieve DCE goes with it)

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Thanks everyone for their replies on this forum tread. I have put to consideration to add a few super rods and a Thunderus Ex and change/ swap some cards out. So far this deck is doing quite well. And am not tying to be mean but some of the cards you are suggesting I don't have any or have a few only, so if you like how this is going so you are going to have to test it out and tell me if it works or not. I will try to keep the cost of making this deck down so I am trying not to add highly popular cards into the mix.

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