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I'm having a problem where the top part of TCG online is pink, it doesn't show the tokens and it doesn't show the various options and buttons that are located there i can click them but it doesn't show anything,


now i tried to uninstall TGC to reinstal it, but i won't let me uninstall and give's an error,


sooOo~ what can i do ?

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Hi B4kut0n,


There's a couple of things you can try starting off. The easiest one is to log into the game and try and locate the settings button if you can use it.(normally looks like a pair of gears) It should be the last one button in the row. If you're able to find it, adjust the resolution and performance to a faster and more efficient setting for your computer, apply and restart the game client.


If everything is still pink and illegible after re-launch or you are unable to use the Settings function, send a ticket to the Support Team with an attached DXDiag log or equivalent. You can send a ticket, if needed through the Support Portal linked in my signature.


I hoped this info helped!

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