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Need Help with Cinccino Deck


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I'm looking to build a Cinccino deck for fun, the Smooth Coat ability seems like a cool gimmick. The deck below is still thin, Does someone have any tips? I wonder if I can turn this into a competitive deck...


Pokemon - 18+

3-3 Cinccino (Echoed Voice)

2 Sableye (junk hunt)

4 Eevee

2 Umbreon PF

2 Glaceon PF

2 undecided EX


Trainers - 21+

4 Professor Juniper

4 N

2 Colress

3 Plasma badge

2 Plasma Ball

4 Level Ball

1 Aspertia City Gym

1 Superior Energy Retrieval

x Potion/Max Potion?


Energy- 12


4 Dark

4 Water


Some of my ideas for this deck are:

  • Increase Cinccino's survivability - running Plasma Badge +Umbreon's + Aspertia Gym (not sure how long setting up will take)
  • Heals/Items to keep Cinccino on the board - Not sure if potions are the best way to go or use Poke Abilites. Sableye to fish out potions?
  • Glaceon for free retreat - I think this clashes with the Echoed Voice so I might change this up for something to counter EXs
  • Add disrupt cards maybe? Like escape rope, catcher, hammers?

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yea set up is going to be an issue i gues with this, but assuming that works out.....


dont think cincinno is gonna survive too well even with aspertia and umbreon. I'm thnking you can consider a frozen city in here to sort of help you deal some damage while you setup. you deck is very plasma orientated so shouldn't hurt you too much, speaking of plasma.....


can consider using a palkia ex for this deck, using the strafe ability to switch into cincinno. the dce works into the plan quite nicely too. but if yu do go this route it might be worth considering....


tool scrappers since its gonna be a full on plasma deck


can consider running gold potion as ace spec since you plan on using sableye to retrieve it


consider changing the 4 dark into 4 blend instead. this gives you the dark energy to still power up sableye and umbreon but also gives you the chance of using palkia's second attack which runs grass. prism is also a worthy consideration, can cover both the water and grass requirement of palkia but sacrifices umbreon's ability to attack. speaking of palkia's second attack.....


not sure if its worth including a few sets of colress machine and plasma energy to make palkia's attack a bit better and also help with some energy acceleration, if you do plan on going this high special energy route.....


superior energy removal might not be that useful anymore, and u might not need that many water energy.


a bunch of hammers and sableye alone could work as an effective strategy already so yea worth considering

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Here is my take on this kind of deck:


The main niche of Cinccino is it's ability Smooth Coat, therefore I think the deck should be focused on making it as annoying as possible. It quite unfortunately looses to decks with Garbodor, which I don't know any good solution too. However besides that it can almost win against anything if they flip enough tails.


Increasing Cinccino's hp and trying to make it harder to take down is indeed one way to about it, but I don't think it's quite effective enough to base the decks strategy around. Considering that many EX's hits harder than any amount you may increase your hp to and that the ever so popular Tool Scrapper ruins the Umbreon + Plasma Badge combo.



Another idea is to add in cards like Hypnotoxic Laser and Munna BC (paired with Virizion EX) which will hopefully make it even harder for your opponent from getting in an attack. Laser also adds in some nice math with Cinccino since 50+100+30 (from Virbank + Laser) = 180 which is enough to knock out any EX.

The main weakness of this sort of strategy would be an opposing Virizion EX. One possible way to deal with this problem would be to play Victini EX or Ho-Oh EX and a heavy Catcher count. Both of which can serve as nice energy acceleration for Cinccino.



Another strategy is simply to use Cinccino as a wall. Pairing it with cards like Palkia EX or Donphan PS to deal damage and keep your energy in play. Of course the risk with using Cinccino as an attacker is once it goes down, so does all your energy. Using this kind of strategy goes around that problem. Arguably it's better to pair these sort of cards with Sigilyph/Suicune or Latias EX, however Cinccino still holds the niche of also working against non-ex pokémon without abilities.



The main cards I would consider:


Virizion EX

Mewtwo EX

Victini EX

Ho-Oh EX and friends

Hit and run pokémon

Munna BC

Mr. Mime PF

Spiritomb LT



Hypnotoxic Laser

Silver Bangle

Exp. Share

Pokemon Catcher

Virbank City Gym

Aspertia City Gym

Super rod

Energy Switch (with Ho-Oh EX)



I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the ideas guys. I think I'll drop the 2 Glaceon and replace em with ******** was thinking of running either Aspertia or Frozen City, depending on the opposing deck's Pokemon and how soon I draw the Plasma Badges. Is there a card or move that seeks a stadium card?

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