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Trading packs for Darkrai, VirGen, and Ho-oh stuff


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My packs are marked for trade so you can send me an offer in game. You may also post here to let me know you have sent the offer or to begin a negotiation (prices are negotiable, depending).



I want:


2 Darkrai EX (promo) [3 packs each]

1 Sableye (DEX) [1 pack]

2 Garbodor (Garbotoxin) [1.5 packs each]

2 Trubbish (Pound) [.5 packs each]

4 Dark Patch [1 pack each]

2 Dark Claw [.5 packs each]


2 Genesect EX [7 packs each]

1 Virizion EX [8 packs]

2 Skyarrow Bridge [1 pack each]


1 Ho-oh EX [4 packs]

1 Terrakion [1 pack]

1 Double Colorless Energy [1 pack]




I have:


60 LTR Packs

33 PLB Packs

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Hi do you still need any of those cards, i have 2 darkrai EX promo, 1 sabeleye, 3 dark patches and 1 skyarrow bridge please pm me if your still interested.



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