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Downloaded the PTCGO it crashed before it starts


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when i click to open the PTCGO game from my desk top is tells me if i want to let this program do changes to my computer. I click yes. Right after that a screen pops out and it says


oops! The game crashed.

the crashed report folder name "2014-01-24_160950" next to game executable.

It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game.


How do i send this information to the developers.

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Hey folks,


There are two ports that must be opened for the game to work: 8181 and 6967. 6967 is the "gateway" port that the client connects to momentarily to get information on which connection servers are available and their IP addresses. 8181 is the port that client makes a dedicated connection to in order to play the game.


Please note that your security settings, anti-virus software or Windows Defender could be incorrectly identifying the game as a threat and blocking it from connecting to the internet. You may want to review the documentation for your security software to find the method for adding the game client to the software's "safe programs" list.


If that does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you try running the game from the Refresher.exe file. This file can be found in your Pokemon Trading Card Game Online folder. To locate the folder, click the Start button for Windows, and in the text box type in Pokemon. You should be able to locate the folder this way.


If loading the game from the Refresh file does not work, we recommend reinstalling the game to see if this resolves the problem.




If this doesn't help, please click the link in my signature to submit a Customer Support Ticket; use the "Ask a Question" feature. Please include as much information about the issue as possible. Attach a dxdiag file when submitting your question (ticket).


To send a dxdiag file follow the steps below:


  • On your Windows task bar, click Start.
  • Select and press "Run" (if you do not see "Run", hold down the "Windows" button on your keyboard and press "R"). A "Run" window should pop up.
  • In the "Run" window, type "dxdiag" and click "OK". A "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" window should pop up.
  • In the appeared window choose "Save all information".

After you've saved the file, please attach it to your ticket.

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Hello, i have send an email regarding this issue to your techhelp email with crash report and dxdiag txt file so i hope you will respond soon. Thanks

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Hi there,


The best way to resolve the majority of TCGO issues is to fully uninstall the game and then reinstall using the guidelines below.


PC Uninstall



  1. Go to the Programs and Features section your computer's Control Panel. Select the game and uninstall it.
  2. Go to the directory where the game was installed. The default directory is C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData.
  3. The game stores files in the LocalLow and Roaming folders. Go into the LocalLow folder and delete the "The Pok_mon Company International" folder. Go into the Roaming folder and delete the "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" folder.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.


Please ensure that you also delete all previously downloaded versions of the game. Try using a different web browser to download the file again (we recommend Firefox or Google Chrome).


After reinstalling TCGO, if you are still experiencing issues, please view the tips below for further information.




Remove Conflicts


-Shut down unnecessary 3rd party software.


-We do not recommend that you turn off firewall or anti-virus software; however, please note that Avast Anti-Virus Software has been known to interfere with Unity, which is the engine that TCGO is run on.


-Applications known to cause connection issues with some games include VOIP software like SKYPE, Download Accelerators, and P2P Software such as Torrent downloading utilities.


Try A Clean Boot


Use your favourite search engine to look up how to do a "Clean Boot" of your system. By doing a clean boot you will be able to determine if a specific piece of software is preventing game connection. A clean boot will temporarily turn off non-essential programs and services that start up when you boot your computer.


If the game runs and connects as normal, then there is something running that is conflicting with your connection.


Other Issues


Cannot Uninstall TCGO (Windows)


''Error 1606. Could Not Access Network Location''


The solution is simple to find via your preferred search engine. However, the fix involves editing your registry. Because Microsoft advises that you use the editor at your own risk, I can't provide you with any further assistance regarding this particular fix.


Black Screen When Loading Game


If you are using a Mac computer, please try switching from Full Screen to Windowed mode. To do so, you can go to the top right corner of your screen and click the blue minimize icon.


If you are running Windows, the best way to resolve this issue in Windows is to completely uninstall TCGO, and then download the game again (try using a different browser this time), and install the game to a brand new directory.


Can’t Install TCGO


This is typically a permissions issue.


Please go to the folder that the PokemonInstaller.msi file is in. Right click on the folder, then go to Properties, then Security. Ensure that user "SYSTEM" has all permissions checked. Then go to the file itself, right click on it, go to Properties and then Security; ensure that all permissions are checked there as well.


Cards Not Loading / Placeholder Graphics


Sometimes waiting a few moments can give the cards enough time to load. Alternatively, you can switch the collection view to tiled and then back to your preferred view; this will often force the card(s) to load fully.


Improve Game Performance / Tips



  • Ensure that you have the newest video and audio drivers for your system, downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
  • Try lowering your desktop resolution to 1024x768.
  • Once in the game, go to your Settings and change performance to "Fastest" and uncheck the special effect boxes, lower your game resolution to 1024x768.
  • Try switching the game to windowed mode from the in-game Settings.
  • Run a virus / malware scan. From your Windows system accessories run Disk Defragmenter.
  • Before running TCGO, close any unnecessary background programs (web browsers, word processor, etc.).
  • Check the time and date on your computer, ensure that they are set correctly.
  • Install the latest updates for your OS and run the TCGO Refresher, which can be found in your Pokémon TCGO folder.
  • Try 'Run as Administrator' with Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.exe, right click on the file to select the option.

.exe has stopped working..


Locate the file Pokémon Trading Card Online.exe. You should be able to find it by searching for "Pokemon" by hitting the Start Button and then typing in the search box.


Once you have located the file, right click on the .exe and go to "Properties" then select the "Compatibility" tab. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for"windows xp (service pack 3)".


Next, under "Privilege Level" check "Run this program as administrator".

.dll Error

It sounds like another program could be in conflict with TCGO. We recommend that you close all unnecessary background programs prior before loading TCGO.


We also recommend that you try running the game from the Refresher.exe file. This file can be found in your Pokemon Trading Card Game Online folder. To locate the folder, click the Start button for Windows, and in the text box type in Pokemon. You should be able to locate the folder this way.


If that does not help, we recommend that you try the following:



  1. Delete all previously downloaded copies of the file and empty recycle bin.
  2. Use a different web browser to download it a new copy (we recommend Firefox or Google Chrome).

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