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Kyurem/Shaymin/Meloetta Deck?


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not understanding your question(s)


are you trying to make a deck cosisting of kyurem, shaymin and meloetta? or are you trying tto make a deck with 1 of those cards?


what is ezra?


what is /3?


seems like your collection is quite limited at the moment but given you seem to have more good water cards maybe a water deck is the best choice for now

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if you can find more meloetta ex and also seismitoads with round attack, both which can be found in the Legendary treasures pack you can make a simple Round deck.

They should be relatively easy to find so you can trade quite cheaply for the cards.


If you do make this deck, just use basic water energy. you only want to be attacking with seismitoad.


Also any DCE you have helps which is also found within the Legendary Treasures pack. (you can get multiple free double colorless energy for free by redeeming any sets name into the shop. e.g. Plasma Storm)

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