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Celebi prime, virizion genesect?


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had a good list for celebi prime gene sect virizion deck. This deck will be unlimited so I can add junk arms oak's etc. I would appreciate any help. Thanks:)

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I have this type of deck built on PTCGO. My version is very much focused on getting a T1 Megalo Cannon which may not be so smart, especially now after the rule changes. However the list might still be able to give you some good ideas.


Pokemon (11):

4x Celebi Prime

2x Smeargle

3x Genesect EX

1x Virizion EX

1x Shaymin UL


Trainers (35):

4x Dual Ball

4x Colress Machine

3x Junk Arm

4x Switch (part of the whole T1 Megalo Cannon idea)

3x Random Receiver

1x Energy Search

1x Super Rod

1x Tool Scrapper

4x Juniper


2x N

3x Skyarrow Bridge

1x G Booster


Energy (14):

4x Plasma Energy

10x Grass Energy

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Thanks for all the help! The deck has been working very well in pvp, but the tournament I was going to play in got canceledXD. But the list works really well and I would definitely recommend it to other people. Thanks again:)

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