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Sunday Weekly 8-player Tournament (#1) January 26


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Hello and welcome everyone Micah477's first tournament! :D


The Backstory


I decided it would be fun to host (at least) 1 tournament, so I figured I would try to host a small tournament with 8 players.

With the tournament feature still not released on PTCGO I went to these forums to look for any player organized pseudo-tournaments, but I didn't find many.

Thus, this small and consistent tourney idea was born!

It's pretty simple and straight-forward, no special rules and unfortunately no elaborate prize support since it's all from me =/

I won't be playing in this one since it's kind of an experiment, but I hope we get some good-spirited matches and everyone has fun on this small test-run!


The Format

Modified, NXD-LTR


The Prizes!

1st place: 3 LTR packs

2nd place: 2 LTR packs

3rd place: 1 LTR pack

4th-8th: pats on the back


The Rules

You may NOT switch decks in between rounds.

In pokèmon there are too many "autolosses" so I don't want someone to switch to playing Sableye/Drifblim/Hammers after they find out they're facing plasma >_> Take pride in your deck and see it through until the end!


The Tournament will start at 6:00 PM PST/2:00 AM GMT. January 26th!

We will meet/be reporting wins and losses in the Team recruitment lobby since it's hardly used.


This time is pretty well set, but I may change it for future tournaments if enough complaints and/or suggestions arise.

It would be amazing if we could get everyone to show up 10 minutes before the tournament starts, but hey, I'm just an optimist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you have something scheduled for soon after the tournament starts please don't sign up, it would stink to have forfeits and people waiting with no opponent because you have to go to a basketball game or movie or something. In theory the tourney could go for 7 rounds if you keep winning, take this into account when budgeting your time and deciding if you can play the tourney to completion or not.


The Tournament Structure

Single round Swiss (no Bo3), double elimination.

If you lose a round you are sent into the losers bracket, if you lose a round in that bracket you are out of the tournament.




First come first serve.

1: Red43Blue42

2: JasonWee

3: GrizzlyCH

4: Chap196

5: Dante010

6: MrPokemon17

7: ZeroSnakeX


Back-ups (you'll play if people don't show up in time)

9: 12GaugeTech

10: Wonk4

11: Kamayashi



1: Seeker33

2: RoyalDuke



Please leave any comments/suggestions! I want this to be a fun experience so I need all the feedback I can get! Especially from anyone who has played in or even hosted a tournament, your insight is invaluable! :)

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If you don't understand the tournament structure maybe try to follow along with this fake bracket.


Winner's bracket

Player 1 [W]\

Player 2 [L]_ \---Player 1[W]_\


Player 3 [W]-----Player 3 [L] __\

Player 4 [L] __________________\--Player 1 [L]_____*Player 6 [W]-----Player 6 [W] \

_________________________________________________________________________\--Player 6

Player 5 [L]___________________/--Player 7 [W]------Player 7 [L]------Player 7 [L]

Player 6 [W]------Player 6 [L]___/


Player 7 [W]------Player 7 [W]/

Player 8 [L]


Loser's bracket

------------------Player 3 [L]

Player 2 [W]------Player 2 [W]\

Player 4 [L] _________________\----Player 2 [L]


Player 5 [L]__________________/---Player 6 [W]\

Player 8 [W]------Player 8 [L] _/_______________\-----Player 6 [W]*

------------------Player 6 [W]/

-------------------------------------------------------Player 1 [L]


Final placements would be

1st: Player 6

2nd: Player 7

3rd: Player 1

4th: Player 2

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Alright! It's great to already see some participants! I've added you all to the roster, please mark your calender or something so you don't forget since this is 6 days later and it would stink if anyone forgot :)

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Seeker and Shad, you have been entered.


@MrPokemon: Yeah, it's this upcoming Sunday.

In the future the tournament may be moved to Fridays or Saturdays, but it's too late to change this one.

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So I live in pa and that 5:00pm I think on sunday


So if by PA you mean Pennsylvania, then you are on Eastern time, so the tournament wouldn't start until 8PM in your time zone.

If that changes whether or not you can participate, please let me know.

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is the tournament starting today or tomorrow because its 26/01/2014, 02.00AM in GMT now. if it is starting tomorrow, I wont be able to make it at that time.

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So I realize that I made a mistake with GMT time conversion, not accounting for the fact that it would be Saturday in my time zone V_V


The 8 man tournament will be held in about 21 hours from now, so that is still a go.


To make up for the error a small 4 man tournament was held about 2 hours ago and JasonWee was the Winner, so look out for this guy in the future!


I'll try to be better about specifying the day of the tournament next time, I'm still learning a bit about hosting these things.


I have already decided to make another tournament; I will make the post about it on Sunday night/early Monday! :D

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