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the solution for invalid login and pasword had worked only for 3 days that the support team gave but i know that neither you or me like coming here and saying the same problem every time but it has started again the only effective methods i have got is come here and saying pokermon tcg about this problem and it works for me


one of tcg prof says i am spamming i dont know why he thinks like that if i have a problem with the pokemon tcg and i cant login my account then[/color] what am i supposed to do wait and watch till it gets better i have even send a message to the support team but it takes days to aswer my question and i like to say that prof its not a spamming i have no other solution but this

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Hi blackthundergod,


Once again, we do apologize and understand your frustration. :( However, creating new threads every day does clog up the forums and can create confusion and disorganization.


Are you saying that posting on the forums allows you to log into the game? If that's the case, perhaps you could try just logging in to the forums and not posting anything, and then checking to see if you can log in after 30 minutes. If not, please try making a response to the thread you've already created and we've allowed to stay open (once again, the link is here: http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/showthread.php?39536-invalid-login-or-password).


If you find that either of these solutions works, please do let us know via the ticket you've already sent in or by posting in the thread I've linked above.


Again, as this is still considered spamming by our official rules, I'll have to close this thread. Please post in your original thread or in your ticket instead of creating any more threads of this nature.


Thanks for your understanding! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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