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PTCGO Open Trading and Value Guide


- For trading with the fairest possible prices!

- Run by the community, for the community!

- Increase your chances of getting/selling your cards!



For a long time people on PTCGO have been getting their information about value for their cards will help of trading threads. Since these threads are mainly focused on selling cards the prices are often forced to be kept high in order to not get too much demand. While it's often difficult for the small team trading threads often consists of to follow all the changes quickly enough. This thread is my dream of changing how people look at values and create a fair and accurate price guide as possible.


This thread is meant to both function as an accurate value guide and a secondary public offer.

What makes this thread different from other trading threads is that you post a request instead of an order. Anyone reading your request will be able to accept it. First come first serve!

However beware! There is no guarantee your request will be accepted since it's not an order.

You are also able to both sell and do card for card trades here, something which makes this thread vastly different from the traditional trading threads. See this as a way to further market trades you want get.



How to figure out a cards value:

There are several ways to figure out a cards general value in the market. I will list some of these methods below.


1. Posting public offers

2. Looking at other peoples public offers.



Requesting value change/investigation:

Anyone reading this thread is able request for the value of a certain card to be changed or investigated. However this must either be done with good valid reasons


Post example:

Value change:

Tropical Beach from 27 to 28.



I posted two offers with 27 Plasma Blast packs for Tropical Beach, neither was accepted.

Then I posted two offers with 28 Plasma Blast packs, both was accepted.

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wow..issit 100% already? :D


My percent complete is actually only 72%. Completing sets doesn't require you to have all the foiled version of every card. So I still have a lot of potential collecting to do there!


However that will probably have to wait until another time, right now I'm saving up resources for the coming X/Y set.

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