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Majobeza's trading post


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Sorry it took me so long to get the lists together.


Cards I'm trading(I only have one copy of each card unless indicated)

If the card in the list looks like this: Raticate(Gnaw Through/Super Fang)

That means that there are multiple cards with the same name, so I put the attacks that the card has in the parenthesis for identification.


Altaria(Speed Dive/Cleave)


Darumaka(Reckless Charge)

Full Art Emolga

Grumpig(Psybeam/Extra Sensory)

Ninetales(Color Coordination)

Foil Pikachu(Pika Punch/Double Voltage)

Deino(Push Down/Bite)


Sneasel(Quick Attack)

Team Plasma Seismitoad

Darkness type Sandile(Gentle Slap)

Psychic type Metang(Psybolt/Psypunch)

Fire type Litwick(Singe/Live Coal)

Grass type (Non-gold) Exeggcute(Propagation/Seed Bomb)



Cards I might trade:

Frozen City stadium

Crogunk(Poison Jab)

Gothita(Trip Over)

Kirlia(Tiptoe Step/Double Slap)

Ralts(Mind Bend)



Cards I'm looking for:

Trubbish x3

Garbodor x3

Raticate(Super Fang/Gnaw Through) x1

Hypnotoxic Laser x3

Whatever the guy that can pick one of the opponents attacks and make it so they can't use it next turn(Sorry, don't remember the name)


Cards I might be interested in:

Gardevoir with Eternal Radiance

Virbank City Gym

Crobat evolutions



I will consider any reasonable offers. Happy trading!!

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