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New Unique fun deck to try!


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I'm always messing around with my cards trying to come up with new decks so today i threw this one together

here's the list it's an unlimited mix of old and new cards welcome to play around with the trainers etc i've only played 2 games it's got nice interrupts with the N's and Judge's and lower energy to attack wither it be free or 2-3 energy's.


Pokemon - 14


Yanma x4

Yanmega Prime x3


Spoink x4

Grumpig x3


Trainers 30 - need to work on these i just threw bunch of random together today


x1 crushing hammer

x2 enhanced hammer

x1 full heal

x2 hypnotoxic laser

x2 junk arms

x1 max potion

x1 pk communication

x2 switch

x1 super rod

x4 judge's

x3 N's

x1 juniper

x2 prof oak

x3 skyla

x3 ultra ball

x1 master ball on the master and ultra ball's i'm gonna replace these with the sweet evolution soda's

coming out in next set they gonna be awesome for rogue decks! to bad atm i can't use

level ball or heavy balls on these pk's due to there odd hp and retreat cost > <


Energy's - could do fine with lot less since yanmega prime attacks for free if same cards really just need

for grumpig



x3 blends pfgd just did blends incase i decided to throw any energy on yanmega if i'm having problems

matching my opponents hand but so far out of my few battles hasn't been an issue keeping

my cards matching there's

x3 double colress for powering up grumpigs 120 dmg move up fast i need to swap a *** for 1 more of these

x10 *** can do less







so there's the list really just wanted to share the combo of yanmega prime/grumpig but threw in the other

quick junk i threw together lol made this deck in like less than 5 mins prolly less. so plz ignore the crappy

trainer card and energy choices took no thought into those lol besides the N's judge's.



and the strat is easy just keep your cards matching your opponents hand and you should be able to deal out easy 120 dmg or can use 30 dmg with confusion or even 40 dmg snipes!

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close this thread plz mod's im just gonna post my idea's over at wacky's thread so not only can i share my idea's but also see and use there's as well! : )

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