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Guardian-Bounty 2014 Lobby Quiz


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Guardian-Bounty 2014 Lobby Quiz


Hostess: Lazfar


Host: AntiFormKey77


Morning, afternoon and evening Dudes and Dudettes! Are you confident of the intensity of your memory? Have you have searched the Pokémon world far and wide… do you live off the excitement of detail, and embrace the challenge of pressure? We invite you to have a shot at our quiz! Where we have set up 14 mind numbing questions among 4 different Pokémon Categories.


Here’s all the info you will need.


Time: Tuesday January 14’th,


6:00-7:00 PM GMT. We will begin between these times


Location: Pokémon Fan Chat lobby




1) You may not look up any of the questions in a search of any kind. checking the PTCGO, conducting a web search or looking back into the game is prohibited. Play by memory that’s the fun part! ^-^


2) There will be a 10 second time limit from the time the question is asked.


3) The first person to answer correctly within the time limit, wins that question.


4) If you have already won two questions overall you may not participate any further. If you have participated more than twice, but have not won anything you may continue.


But wait! There’s more!


Standard questions within a category will win a pack, but within each category there will be a special question which has an awesome card as a prize instead!




There will be a prize for each question, if you have won we will announce your name congratulate you and ask you to add us. We will keep track of what you won, and your screen-name. Please wait till after the quiz is over, to claim your prize(es).


Prizes within questions that receive no correct answer, collect into a prize pool. There will be a bonus question, at the very end. Whatever remains in prizes that were not collected, will roll over into this pile. This is a chance to win everything unclaimed!


That about covers it I think. Please feel free to drop in and have some fun with us, win or not it’s a chance to test your knowledge with other poke fans if anything. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me in game while I’m around, or ask before Lazfar and I get started. Remember the rules and stick with them, you’ll enjoy yourself more that way too.


Until then, later!

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Muahaha! Welcome you 'orrible lot! >:]


Hope you're all limber and ready to go! We're set for tomorrow! With challenging

questions and great prizes up for grabs! Brave and tough? Come and have a go

if you're think you're hard enough!


If you have any questions you wish to ask, feel free and welcome to ask us...

Or why not post questions and feedback here?


The best of luck to you all in the meantime. Cheers.




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