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Log in issue


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For some reason, I can no longer log in to pokemon online ? Its the same username and password as it is for me to log on here, yet its telling me my username or password is invalid????


my email is [Content removed - sharing personal information is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar] someone please sort this out for me thanx

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Hi Pokerdad81,


From the Official Forum Code of Conduct:

Keep Your Private Life Private: Posting personal information on the forums is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, real name, residential address, email address, or social networking links. Community members in need of assistance that requires the disclosure of personal information should submit a support ticket at http://www.pokemon.com/support.


Regarding your inability to log in, unfortunately, this is a known issue. :(


Here are some things you can try:



  1. Open your Control Panel
  2. Go to Internet Options
  3. Click on the Advanced Tab
  4. Click Reset
  5. Click Apply / OK


If this doesn't help, you may be able to fix this by changing your password. You can do so by logging into pokemon.com, clicking the "Edit Profile" tab, and clicking the "Change Password" button on the page that comes up.


Good luck, and thanks for your patience!

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