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LF drought vulpix


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Hello all!

I am looking for drought Vulpix.

If you have one you’d like to trade please let me know. Also, please add what pokemon you want in return.

On the same token, if your own safari has Vulpix, I would not mind swapping friend codes with you instead!

Either way, please let me know.

Pokemon I can trade you are:

1. Marvel scale Dratini female (good stats)

2. Protean Froakie male (timid w/perfect stats)

3. Bulletproof Chespin (must breed 1)

4. Magician Fennekin (must breed 1)

5. Kangaskhan (perfect stats)

6. Togepi ( must breed 1)

7. Anticipation Eevee (must breed 1)

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let's see,

In the friend safaris I obtained, there is:

water: gyarados bibarel

bug: volbeat pinsir paras

ghost: shuppet phantump

normal: ditto lillipup audino

fighting: machoke throh

fighting 2: sawk mankey

lightning: pachirisu stunfisk garvantula

fire: pansear, pyroar, braixen

fire 2: ponyta larvesta


also, ill have a perfect absol available for trade by tomorrow.

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