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Game crashes when I view my packs in the collection


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For some reason, whenever I click "Packs" while viewing the collection (from any screen that has the button), the game crashes and I receive a message stating it has stopped working and must be closed. I can view my cards in the collection fine, but I just can't open any new packs.

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Hi Cat333Pokemon,


I have a couple of suggestions for you:


First, make sure your internet is stable and all necessary drivers are updated and installed. If you've got this covered and your issue continues, Try a clean install:


To perform a clean install; remove all traces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game client from your computer and re-download the game to a separate directory(folder) than previously used. Install the new files from this directory and attempt to relaunch the game.


If the clean install doesn't work for you, send in a ticket to the Support Team with your operating system, a DXDiag log or equivalent and which graphics card you're using. Unfortunately this issue is often graphics card related. The Support Team will be able to determine if that is the case.


You can send in a ticket to the Support Team using the link in my signature.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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