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Pvp battles


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since the last patch i've had some problems with getting on the pvp matches.

often taking +10 minutes or so.(play on expert, the same thing happens on both unlimited and modified)

is there a way to solve or get around this issue?


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Hi RoyalDuke, I posted the following reply in 2 threads (one here in Technical Support forum, below, started by KefLO, in a thread called "Game", and one in PvP Discussion forum in a thread called "long queue times", hope it helps with you, maybe 3rd time is the charm:


When you click "Play now" the screen then says "searching for available games" and after a couple seconds it should convert to say "searching for available opponents". If it doesn't switch over to the searching for opponents screen after 5 seconds, try clicking cancel and then "Play now" again. Might have to do it several times sometimes, but it beats waiting longer than 1 or 2 minutes. Worked for me when I was waiting minutes for a battle, and then I realized the issue was it wasn't going from "games" to "opponents". (yes, the issue is probably there until it's fixed, but from our side of things it's one way around it). Hope that helps.


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