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My cards for your packs! Deoxys EX FA and much, much more!


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Pack Priority:

1. Plasma Freeze (never opened enough of this set, I like it more now than before)

2. Plasma Blast

3. Legendary Treasures


For trade:




Deoxys EX FA: 7 Plasma Freeze packs, 8 any other packs

3 packs for any of the below

Jirachi EX FA

Heatran EX FA

Dialga EX FA

Cresselia EX FA

Shaymin EX (ND)



2 packs for any of the below

Latios EX

Tornadus EX (PF)

Mew EX FA (LT)

Excadrill EX

Meloetta EX FA

Shaymin EX FA (LT)

Black Kyurem EX (LT)

Lugia EX (LT)

Reshiram EX (LT)

Victini EX (LT)

White Kyurem EX (LT)

Zekrom EX (LT)

Dusnkoir (BC)

Rayquaza (DV)

Garchomp (DE)

Ninetails (DE)

Bouffilant (DE)



1 pack for any of the below

Emolga FA (LT)

Hydreigon (LT)

Garbador (LT)

Gothitelle (LT)

Serperior (LT)

Seismatoad reverse (LT)

Blastoise (PS)

Haxorus (PS)

Cradily (PS)

Mr. Mime (PF)

Chandelure (PF)

Leafeon (PF)

Crobat (PS)

Magnezone (PS)

Snorlax (PS)

Manaphy (PS)

Flygon (BC)

Scolipede (BC)

Crustle (BC)

Salamence (DV)

Accelgor (DEX)

Venusaur (DEX)

ACE Spec

Victory Piece - 1.5 packs

Life Dew - 1.5 packs

Crystal Edge - 1 pack

Crystal Wall - 1 pack



Well, that's it for value sort. I also have TONS of other holos/rares/trainers/everything.


Thanks for looking! Post here, add me in game, etc

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