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Dear Sir, Madam


So it isn't really my style but I thought what the heck, I can try to help people with first tier decks aswell...

I am RoyalDuke by the way.

Normally I spent my time trying to come up with (wacky) alternatives to the usual format, but since there aren't any sources for the more common (first tier) deck on this forum yet, I guess I could take up a bit of this stuff aswell.

One of the reasons I do this is because the pvp is still broken (at least for me) and I can't get to testing most of the alternative decks suggested / thought up.

And for these decks testing isn't really necessary to determine their "working", ofcourse you have to test and see if a certain tech works for you but the base of all the decks that will be posted here all have proven their worth and are pretty much ready for battle :).

Now granted most of the things I'll post here are easily found elsewhere on the web but I thought let's put it all together on the TCGO site :)

But that's the thing with these decks, lots of people know them and or play with them.

The idea here is that I put up some "skeletons" of the decks, (you know the basic stuff that one of these decks "has" to contain) and then give you guys and girls some possible techs.

Decks posted here will ALL be modified and as soon as they are no longer modified legal I will take them down for the next generation of first tier decks. (that is if anyone actually reads this stuff, cuz I'm not gonna be posting for myself xD)


Well that's it for now, if any of you have some problems with this, suggestions, positive or negative feedback complements or anything really please send it my way and I'll do my best to please everyone :D


Yours faithfully, RoyalDuke

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Oke this is probably one of the most used decks for the moment, you use virizion to energize genesect and to keep you opponent from making your pokemon "ill" (confused, burned, poisoned, paralyzed etc.)


the Skeleton:




3x Virizion ex

3x Genesect ex



Supporters (12)


2x Colress

4x Professo Juniper

4x Skyla

2x Shadow triad


Items (12)


3x Colress machine

3x switch

2x Tool Scrapper

1x Super Rod

3x Ultra ball


Tools/ stadiums (1)


[****** Skyarrow bridge

1x G booster[/i]


Energies (14)


10x Grass energy

4x Plasma energy




Now this leaves a LOT of space for tweaking, I intentionally left that much because depending on how you like to play, since you might want to add or substitute supporters or items and such.




(trainer) Options:

1) add bianca's and or N's.

Maybe you are not to fond of colress or you think your version needs more draw support.


2) Bicycles, catchers, float stones, skyarow bridges.

the usefull nes of most of these cards depend on how you are planning to play. for example: if you add a bunch of skyarrow brigdes you won't need any (that many) float stones, the same for catchers, if you add mor triads, you can recycle plasma energies.

and if you chose to include a bunch of bianca's maybe bicycle won't be of much use to you :)


3) Plasma frigate.

You will be running plasma energies anyways, and if you are expecting to play firery opponents, why not eliminate your weakness right away?


(pokémon) Techs

As you can see I started out with only 6 pokémon, which means there is plenty of room to shove in a buch of things.


1)Cherrim lines.

Cherrim is a stage one that let's you heal 20 damage once per turn from pokémon that have grass energies attached to them.

This can be a very helpful feature from time to time.


2)Abomasnow lines

The deck is ofcourse weak to fire types, and a couple of reshirams (non ex) or infernapes can ruin your chances of victory. Abomasnow is a stage 1 with 120 HP and 2 attacks that only require grass energies (one 40 and one 80 damage) so against a fire type it can make a massive difference, however there aren't that many fire types out there (used in deck that is) so the usefullness of this guy solely depends on what your oponent plays.)


3) Genesect (non ex)

Either one can be of help to you, the call for family one can be used as a anti-ex anti-silver mirror attacker but more importantly is call for family, ensuring you a quick(er) setup.

the other one is a better attacker, with its keldeo like attack it will surely make a dent in your opponents defences.


4) Lugia ex

I'm out of time soon to be added info


5)Deoxys ex + plasma badge

I'm out of time soon to be added info


6) Kyurem ex (pb)

I'm out of time soon to be added info

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