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Legendary/Pokemon Communication Bug!


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Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers (or Pokémon Masters),

It's been a while since I've been active on the forums, I apology for that. Anyway I reinstalled and started to play Pokemon TCG Online again just for fun, because I started to play [Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar] and it made me reinstall Pokemon TGC Online again. Trading Card Games are awesome.


Oke, now we got that out of the way let's talk about the bug/issue I found.




Legendary/Pokemon Communication Bug!


First of all I'd like to point what Pokémon Communication is.


"Choose 1 Pokémon in your hand, show it to your opponent, and put it on top of your deck. If you do, search your deck for a Pokémon, show it to your opponent,and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward."


Second I like to point out what a Legendary card is.


Legendary cards are two cards you put together to make one giant card, these cards are found in the Unleashed expansion.



Bug explanation


Here is the problem with these cards if you combine them in-game at a specifiek time while in Unlimited game-mode. I'm going to use pictures to illustrate my point!




In the first picture you see I have a Pokemon Communication, one half of the legend card and no other Pokemons.

Having no other Pokemons is crucial with this bug!




In the second picture you see I select Pokemon Communication.




In the thirth picture you see I select a pokemon from my deck.




In the final picture you see that my half legendary card is still in my hand. This is the issue it shouldn't be like that. Also if you have no Pokemons on the bench, but you have two or more Pokémon Communications and only one half of the legend card in your hand you have a opportunity to get multiple free Pokémons without "losing" any card. This is bad!




I hope this get fixed ;)


Also Happy New Year everyone. May you catch alot of new Pokémons this year!

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"outside links and images are not permitted." this is unfortunate. I really wanted to make it eassier for everyone. I still hope the issue get fixed!

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Hello Jonaman!


Welcome back to the TCG Online! :) I'll be forwarding this bug to the Development team for investigation and closing your thread in the meantime. If you come across any other bugs, please create a new thread.


Thanks so much for your detailed report, and have fun!

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