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Cannot Open Application at All


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I've been playing Pokemon TCG Online now for about a month, and so far it hasn't given me troubles until today. When i tried opening it, it says "The last time you opened Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?"

Ive clicked "Reopen" several times and it has given me just the same result.

Ive also tried to redownload the Application itself several times, each failing to work as well.

Im quite frustrated now that i can't even play anymore, can anyone please help me out?

By the way, i also noticed that there is no chat and I'm not able to add friends.

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Please click the link in my signature and submit a support ticket and a Customer Service Representative will help you get everything up and running again.

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Howdy JSPAR,


Just to add to the discussion... assuming you are using a Mac, please try the following:


1. Open Finder


2. Hold down the Option key while clicking Go on the menu bar


3. Click on 'Library


4. Locate the folder "Saved Application State" and open the folder


5. See if there is a .savedState file for Pokemon TCGO, if so -- delete it.


Hope it helps!

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By the way, can you please help me figure out why I'm not able to use the online Chat and why I'm not able to add friends?

It keeps saying "Attention: Chat lobbies are currently offline; please see the forums for more info."

Is it because I'm using a Mac?

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