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Happy new year 2014 to everyone!!


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Happy new year to everyone who still play pokemon online tcg but also i wish happy new year for people who not even yet play this game!! I bet the most users who play the game they wish better updates for the game on 2014 and they wait for the special year when pokemon online tcg finally search the Alpha version!! Well i simply wish for 2014 all players still play this game even if is not 100% perfect yet and of course more respect when players have a pokemon battle each other!! Ok now guys i want to hear your favourite pokemon for 2014!! Well i personal select Serperior for 2014 because is the one pokemon i use the most on PvP lol!! If my sister post i bet she select Celebi or Mew!! Of course you also able to select pokemon who not belong to pokemon online tcg database like alakazam for example!!

So guys i can't wait to see what kind of pokemon you select for 2014!!:D You must select only one pokemon!!

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