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Electrohammer (Ampharos DRX)


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A deck im planning on taking to a no ex tournament sometime soon.



4-2-4 Ampharos DRX

1 Emolga DRX

2 Kyurem NV

1 Reshiram (Outrage)



4 Juniper

4 N

3 Skyla

1 Bianca



2 Frozen City

4 Crushing Hammer

4 Rare Candy

2 Switch

2 Escape Rope

2 Exp Share

1 Super Rod

1 Tool Scrapper

Dowsing Machine (Ace)

2 Level Ball

2 Ultra Ball



7 Electric

4 Double Colorless



Basically get ampharos out Asap. Ampharos' ability plus frozen city does 50 damage for each energy attachment not plasma, and 30 to those that are. Exp share to reduce the damage bench Ampharos takes and help conserve the lower energy count. Crushing hammers to make it worse.


Emolga + escape rope incase i need to move around their active. Call for family for quick starts.


Kyurem for water elemental damage outrage, with frozen city it can damage itself, Reshiram the same. To help against Landorus and VirGen decks that can be tough for this deck. Though without exs, it becomes less important. They also supply my bench with a waiting threat if they knock out Ampharos without planning.


Any suggestions on changes?


I'm thinking i might need more tool scrappers for what i can only assume will be tons of garbotoxin decks with no exs.

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Maybe, though there are times when i play games where i discard or not even use it, to opt for a safer game plan vs plasma pokemon. But yes pokemon center could be a huge pain for my deck, not to even mention hypnotoxics running rampant without virizion to hold them in check. I do approve of this idea. What to take out? maybe a switch or an outrager?

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Without Ex's you're probably going to face some Plasma Kyurem decks of some description, in which case you might want to try Durant(Hard Crunch), though his secondary attack would require you to use Blend Energy. He'll deal 70 damage with Hard Crunch, assuming energy suffer, which is decent enough and plenty to KO any 'ice' Pokemon.


Apart from Garbodor you may have to look out for Tool Drop. In the absence of Ex's it sets up much quicker than most other decks(just drop Trubbish and Sigilyph then load them with tools, which can take a single turn and doesn't normally take more than two). Not sure it's worth running Plasma Chatot over but an extra Tool Scrapper definitely sounds worthwhile. Your choice, just need to be ready for the tier two/three decks that will become tier one in the format you're playing.


AccelGoth lock will be a tough contender, too. It's been largely suppressed thanks to Virizion/Keldeo Ex but without those guys it's got no other counters apart from Vanilluxe(ND) and Ninetales(DE) which you obviously can't fit. At least it loses Mew Ex, but that won't necessarily stop someone getting it to run well enough with a playset of Accelgor.

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Yeah garb and accelgoth is a problem. Though tool drop is not, its basically 50/50 if not more in favor of ampharos. I have played against a few already. And all i really need is my set up and then i basically win.


With 50 damage per drop all ampharos has to do is just attack the active and hit the bench trubbish for 20. Then the trubbish is useless since it needs at least 1 psychic energy, regardless of colress machine. The 7 tools may not be hard for tooldrop to get out and maybe 1 or 2 charged. But Ampharos comes out pretty quick in this deck and usually have 1 by turn 2 and 2 or 3 by turn 4. Once one is in the active, it will be impossible for them to further charge anymore trubbish. And throwing the other pokemon in active to take hits doesn't help either since all i need is the bench damage. Sure they can put on eviolites to protect from the damage, but then they cant plasma badge or exp share to charge up the bench pokemon until masqurein is in play. most only run 2-2 so it takes longer to get it out.


But then again if they set up before me i can be in trouble. But with 4 crushing hammers to fall back on i feel decently safe. Though i might want to switch out a few for enhanced hammers to drop the plasma energys.

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