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Whaling deck


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so with catcher being nerfed I decided to play around with some ideas I tried in the past, and 1 of them was this wailord/siesmitoad combination:


The idea is basically to tank damage with Mr 200HP Wailord and then retreat into plasma seismitoad for a splashing turn. Alternatively the high hp of the team also makes seismic punch an viable option if necessary, and mr. mime is there to help out as well. so here's the list


Pokemon: 14

3-1-3 line of Plasma Seismitoad

3-3 line of Wailord

1 Mr. Mime to help protect from Seismic Punches as well as the bench hitting opponent


Supporter : 11

4 Junipers just to get the hand going

4 N for hand refreshing and also because this deck is quite slow it might be needed late game to buy a few more turns

3 Skyla mainly for the rare candy but sometimes for other stuff as well


Stadium: 2

2 Pokemon Center in case mr mime isn't there to cover for seismic punch, poke center will at least help a bit


Ace Spec: 1

Scoop Up Cyclone to retreat a damaged Wailord as well as heal it


Tools: 3

3 Float Stones to retreat the heavy Wailords mostly


Items: 19

2 Escape Rope to retreat the Wailord and maybe pull out something weak in the bench

2 Switch to retreat Wailord in case of status effects/no float stones


4 Heavy Balls to get Wailord family as well as Seismitoad

4 Level balls for the Mime, Tympole and Palpitoad


4 Max Potions to heal off all that Wailord damage


3 Rare Candies for Seismitoad


Energy: 10

4 DCE to speed up to Seismic Punch/Splashing Turn

6 Water for Splashing Turn/Seismic Punch




wondering if there are any opinions to improve on this. Its nowhere near good enough for expert at this point but I'd like to hopefully get it moving a bit smoother because the first few turns always feels like a nightmare

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There is too much switching item in the deck, I would switch Escape Rope out for Silver Bangle. Silver Bangle allows Seismitoed to kill all EXs in 2 turns (excluding Black Kyurem EX with Crystal Wall) with 2 Splashing Turns. I might add 1 more Mr Mime incase 1 of them is in the prize card. Also where is Tool Scrapper? Silver Mirror will completely ruin this deck. I might take 2 Pokemon Center out and switch it for 2 Tool Scapper as your opponent can also take advantage of Pokemon Center and heal their Benched Pokemon. I would also take 1 level Ball or 1 Heavy Ball out for extra Mr Mime. Also be aware of Genesect EX/ Virizion EX deck as Genesect EX can function as Pokemon Catcher and it will knock out Seismitoed in one attack thanks to weakness and resistance.


Otherwise this can be a good deck and might be able to defeat top tier deck


Hope this help

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yea the mime is probably a good call

thanks for pointing out the silver mirror weakness, totally overlooked it

not sure how I would fare if I didn't have a stadium counter

silver bangle will be considered.....


not sure if this really has any chance at all against the top guns. have played blastoise/keldeo a few times when I tried it out, but this was in novice so there weren't any black kyurems to ruin the whole plan and beach was missing too, it fared quite decently since opponent needs to really load up the keldeo otherwise I'd just potion it off.


but in general set up is still quite slow and I feel energy count is a low as well.

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Yeah, I know Black Kyurem EX can knock Wailord out with Black Ballista unless if Wailord has Giant Cape, but Giant Cape isn't that good. You could also add Random Reciever in the deck if you feel like you didn't draw enough Juniper and N, although I don't know what to take out. This deck might be able to beat Darkrai EX deck, if you can set up faster than Darkrai EX. Darkrai EX can deal 140 damage at most which will not kill Wailord and Mr Mime protects Seismitoed from the extra 30 damages. You can still keep Pokemon Center if you like, but again, I don't know what to take out.

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Yeh, Cloak is not the best card around. Just wait for Heavy Charm, I guess.


Have you considered replacing Seismitoad with another Pokemon that changes out upon attacking? Kyogre Ex, Magnezone, Ninjask, Donphan etc. Not sure what else you can do to make it function smoothly, TBH.

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Kyogre EX deals a bit too little damage, though I suppose the second attack might be worth looking into


Ninjask has the advantage for being fast and lower energy cost but also deals less damage, low hp also is a danger as well I think


Donphan is a worthy consideration, might look into that one, second attack ain't too bad either.


Magnezone switches the opponent's also so I'm not sure if that's something I would want. plus I think having a second attack in seismitoad is useful

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