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First ticket nonsense


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After the rule change that someone has to choose who starts with a coin flip before drawing a hand I wondered if I can still play First Ticket from Dragons Vault. With that card in my starting hand I go first irrespective of who should start. So it was before the new rule.


Now I tried it out and wanted to know if I still go first even if my oppenent choose to go first. My opponent won the toss and goes first and our hands had been drawn. I had First ticket in my hand but I didn't go first. So is this intentional and the card has no more an effect or is this a game error?

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Hi Mefftu,


From the official rulings compendium:

Q. With the rule change effective November 8, 2013 about performing the coin flip before each player draws their starting hand, how does First Ticket work now?

A. You can still use First Ticket in your deck, but it essentially becomes ineffective since the coin flip has already taken place before the point when First Ticket can be played. (Nov 21, 2013 TPCi Rules Team)


Since this isn't a bug, I'll be closing this thread. If you come across any other bugs, please create a new thread.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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