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Looking for Tropical Beach 2011 / 2012


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I am looking for Tropical Beach preferable 2011 but 2012 is ok too.


I am looking to trade EX or Other Cards equal value or a bit higher is ok too.



I have the following EX card below:



1x Black Kyurem Ex (it's not a ballista)

3x Celebi ex

4x Chandelure ex

2x Cobalion ex

1x Cresselia ex

2x Cresselia ex FA

4x Darkrai ex

5x Deoxys EX Promo

4x Dialga ex FA

4x Excadrll EX

2x Ho-ho ex

2x Keldeo ex

1x Jirachi ex

1x Kyoge ex

1x Kyurem ex Outrage attack

3x Kyurem ex Frozen Wing attack

1x Laias ex

4x Lugia ex non promo

4x Meloetta ex

4x Meloetta ex FA

4x Mew ex FA

2x Mewtwo ex non promo

1x Mewtwo ex promo

3x Palkia ex FA

4x Raikou ex

1x Rayquaza ex promo

1x Rayquaza ex non promo

3x Registeel ex

4x Shaymin ex FA

1x Thundurus ex promo

2x Tornadus ex

1x Tornadus ex FA

2x Victini ex

1x White Kyurem ex


3x Genesect ex

1x G-Booster

1x Virizion EX


1x Computer Search

2x Bianca FA



You can post offer here or message me in game. I live in Los Angles, USA pacific timezone. Usually online around 9pm-11:30m.


Current Beach is at 30 pack so I am looking to trade ex an non ex cards around 33 pack value is ok too.



Thank you for looking.

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