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you should not add that many catcher's, the flip rule makes it not so useful

there's is no energy acceleration anywhere, you're never gonna get set up properly.

you don't need that many stage 1s, just use rare candy to bypass that step so u can set up faster

needs more supporter cards, more Juni and N in particular

energy count quite high

why add so many pokemon in the deck?

just fyi, EXs are not a guranteed win if u don't use them properly



overall quite expected from a new deck, needs more work

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Wow, Chrono, that really refines his deck. It's so different you'd think it didn't even exist before.


@Total; if you want to post in Pallet Town with some more information I'd be happy to help; there is a 'search' option on this forum, also. Most forums do have those. Much more effective than posting a vague plea for help.

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