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A Continuous Update on Idea's for Gameplay


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1. We desperately need another difficulty level iv PVP. At this point, I have played for about a month. I still remember what it is to be a new player, and all too often in novice PVP, It was being trolled by ridiculous decks and people playing just to destroy beginners. Which is strange because the rewards are nil, and hard to come by. These must be players who have spent enough money to not worry about the rewards, and also use trade able cards to create their decks. This is great to have players who are paying to play but the issue is it detract's from the beginner experience which equals no body to play your game, which equals no money to be made from new players. I would suggest a couple of simple solutions on this first post.


- make another tier of PVP that is for Master's. In this PVP match you get 5 coins for winning and 0 coins for losing. Giving no rewards will keep new players out of the Master tier, and give expert players more rewards to get trade able cards.


but First..


- make a 5 card trade able pack for 300 coins. So new players can trade and make better decks, but also to encourage experienced players to play the Master level of PVP, and not troll the beginner tier of PVP.


I was around for Gen 1 of the pokemon craze.. and it was a craze, trust that. I believe this game alone has the ability to re-energize pokemon as a multi platform franchise. With this game, will come the re-emergence of the craze that struck America all those years ago. But, it will come with new players and mass amounts of people who can't pay to play to make it popular enough for kids with more money to feel that it's worth the cash. If it's cool to the all the kids in school who can't afford it, all the kid's who can will pay to be cooler than their peers. Capitalism isn't always fair and fun but it's how this franchise will continue to progress.

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Hi every1sfavloser!


Thanks for the suggestions! I've sent them up for review. I'll leave the thread open so discussion can progress.


Thanks again!

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Thanks Prof_thistle!


Another suggestion I have is a way to select the moves of your next turn while the other competitor is playing their turn. I call this the "Battle Plan," and could be a button that pop's up a window with macro tabs, or just make the board playable while the other person is playing, without your opponent being able to see the moves. This would make games faster and improve overall experience, especially for trained Poke-masters. I also understand that the moves you want to make may change so make a prompt that ask's if you want to continue with your battle plan or change your strategy from scratch.


Imagine a little button where the "Attack," "End Turn," area is. While your opponent makes his moves you click the button and a window pops up. In that window is 4-8 tabs entitled "Move 1, Move 2, Move 3, etc. You choose your moves and if your opponent does something you didn't plan for you can cancel the "battle plan", or move tabs around to fit your next move. Maybe, their is a certain way you play and could choose a Pre-set deck macro that is individualized and saved for each deck you use. Your own personal strategy at your fingertips, ready to spring as soon as your opponent finishes.

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Alright, alright... so maybe a Battle Plan may be too advanced, but, there needs to be a way that the game moves faster, If you want it to. So here is my next idea...

-- Faster Card Display In Game!

Geeeze ,, So, when I play, I and many others, have noticed the length of time spent playing a game can go on for 45 Minutes if both players are taking there time... Not saying a 45 minute game is at all desirable, but unfortunately.. it happens. During this game I am finding myself clicking away at my opponents cards as he/she plays them.... Cilan is the worst, Energy retrieval too.

I have only been playing for a month and a half and I have come to know every card that gets played, but every card that my opponent plays appears on my screen like a pop up ad waiting to be clicked. I know what a Cilan is (thats 4 clicks to make that pop up go away) , I know what a Rare Candy is (thats 2 clicks), I know what your Hypnotoxic Laser does.


I believe an easy solution to this problem would be an option to turn the card display system off, or it should be automatic in an expert battle. It seems that the game would move with more action if the game displayed cards for 1 second tops.. and if you want to know what card they just played, look at there discard pile.


Thanks for making such a great game!

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