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Pokemon TCGO Ideas for the Future


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Pokemon TCGO Ideas

To Enrich your Pokemon Experience :D


These are just a few ideas i had for the game to make it slightly more immersive. I will be listing more ideas in the future because i have a lot lol as well as editing this. Please tell me what you think

Versus Mode

Instead of having just a Novice or Expert section players should be able to customize there gaming and pokemon experience even more by being able to choose categories or "cups" with special rules.


Pika Cup

Type: All

Limitation: Only basic and stage 1 Pokemon having a stage 2 can be used in a deck. Poke Tools are not allowed

Items: Allowed

Pok'e Tools: Not Allowed

PFC: Selectable


Only basic and stage 1 constructed decks can be used to challenge other players.

Pokemon Cup

Type: All

Attribute Limitation: All pokemon are allowed Excluding EX and Legendary Pokemon.

Items: Allowed

Poke Tools: Allowed

PFC: Selectable


The Poke Cup is for players wishing to use there pokemon (non EX/Legendary)

to challenge other Competitors. Mostly designed for Players who prefer to build non EX constructed decks.

Challenge Cup

Type: All

Attribute Limitation: None

Items: Allowed

Poke: Tools: Allowed

PFC: Selectable


Challenge Cup allows the use of all pokemon, uses the present rule system for the TCG

Custom Cup

Your Type: Selectable

Opponent Type: Selectable

Attribute Limitation: Selectable - EX/ Legendary/ Basic/ Stage 1/ Stage 2

Items: Selectable

Poke Tools: Selectable

PFC: Selectable


The player can select the rules they wish to play with and can find other players with the same or similar rules.

Customizable Option for Cups




Tokens are used for anything pokemon related online. Tokens can be gained from online programs like the TCGO or buying pokemon related products in stores. Tokens are universally connected and redeemed to accounts on the Pokemon.com website and can be used to purchase virtual goods including unique items for games. This will NOT replace the current or future currency system of games but offers a alternate route for those who buy merchandise or play the TCGO.



Virtual Furniture (For game) - 0 - 5000

Kanto Pokedex Generation I/II/III (For game and TCGO) - 3000

Team Plasma Poke Ball (For game) - 1000 Credits

Team Rocket Poke Ball (For game) - 1000 Credits

Charmander Doll - (For game) - 2000

Pikachu Doll (For game) - 750

Reuniclus Jacket (TCGO) - 4000


Trainer Credit

When the player wins a game they are awarded Credits which can be used along with the appropriate badge for playing Gym Leaders (Computer Controled) when you win you get a random reward and a badge if you havent gotten one already. Rewards can be Cards, Tokens, Gems, Packs. Gym battles are no way easy and they may even use unique cards players cannot use in game. Perhaps another trainer set (Gym Heroes Gym Challenge & Team Rocket) can be released for players to purchase in stores and use online from this approach?

Gym Battles

When the player wins a game they are awarded Trainer Credits which can be used for playing Gym Leaders (Computer Controlled) when you win you get a random reward and a badge if you havent gotten one already. Rewards can be Cards, Tokens, Gems, Packs. Gym battles are no way easy and are challenging. EX and legendary clone/copies are not allowed.

Playing For Cards

Before the game starts both player selects 9 cards of there choosing and can be randomly selected by the winner from the list or they can see the 9 cards if the option is selected. The winner cannot see the cards but only a number denoting card Attribute. Players who disconnect from the game lose the game and a card if the winner accepts it. PFC should only be chosen by those with a solid connection and if you are willing to part with your selected card.


xx Pokemon EX

xx Full Art

xx Legend


PFC Options:

Show Cards up for Grab

  • Players can choose to reveal cards up for grabs if they choose to. This is chosen before the game and people can see if its selected along with the 9 cards you choose.


Tournaments are created by a host and published online in a unique tournament section. The host publishes there rules on the site which match the in game rules and the prize. The host can view the statistics and play along if they wish to. All of this should only take a few minutes to start and finish.



The host oversees the game and can put any set of rules they wish and a reward.



Players seeking a tournament browse the tournament section and apply for one they like. Your Trainer statistics can be reviewed by anyone including the host.



The Host can choose to change any of these settings

  1. Card Type/Types
  2. To allow EX or any other card attribute
  3. If PFC is enabled
  4. Card Sets
  5. Tournament Format
  6. Reward(s)

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I would like to see different formats as well.


Two that would be fun and popular with players would be a commons/uncommons only format, and a no pokemon-ex format. I think it's that simple. The problem with having too many slightly different formats is that you would be spreading the player base around making it harder to find opponents. I think simple but very different formats like the two I have suggested would be popular because different decks would be playable and they would be more new player friendly.

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