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White Kyurem EX + Chandelure deck


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Ok, it seems like Black Kyurem EX + Keldeo EX is still famous even if I didn't play PTCGO for 2 months. So I want to try and create White Kyurem EX deck.


Pokemon: 14

3 White Kyurem EX

4-1-4 Chandelure

2 Keldeo EX


Trainers and Supporter: 31

4 Rare Candy

3 Ultra Ball

3 Float Stone

1 Heavy Ball

3 Pokemon Catcher

1 Crystal Edge

2 Super Rod

1 Tool Scrapper

4 Juniper

4 N

2 Skyla

1 Colress

2 Random Receiver


Energy: 15

9 Fire Energy

6 Water Energy


This deck requires you to evolve Chandelure in the second turn and start to setup, Chandelure deals 10 damage to the Pokemon that gets energy from its ability making White Kyurem's Attack stronger. I really need suggestion for this deck though.

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Post your deck list in the Pallet Town: Where Decks Begin, you'll get answers.


Really, you can only post deck there now? Sorry I haven't use this forum for some time, I will post my deck there now.

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You can actually post a deck anywhere in the Deck Construction Zone, so long as you're not interrupting a pre-existing thread.

Thanks for the plug Artichoke Cat, but it's fine if people post elsewhere as well. I won't snob giving advice on other threads, just prioritise my own one. Now it's there that's where I'll reply but I usually keep track of other deck posts anyway and Pallet Town is referenced in my sig for those who'd prefer to go there.

This isn't an entry level deck, anyway. I might not be able to improve upon it much, if at all.

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