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Arcanine ability even burns not attacking Pokémon


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This game error occured last time I played a practice game vs. the computer.


My active Pokémon was Accelgor from Dark Explorers (No. 11/108). The Computer had the rare Arcanine from Next Destinies (No. 12/99) with the ability active. Its ability lets the active Pokémon burned if its damaged or knocked out by the active Pokémon.


Now I used my Accelgor with the attack "Deck and Cover" which damages, paralyses and poisons the Arcanine. Now while Accelgor and its basic was back in the deck I had to promote a new Pokémon - but my new active Pokémon was now burned, it was Gothitelle from Emerging Powers (No. 47/98) for the record. This new active Pokémon shouldn't be burned because it wasn't the attacking Pokémon.

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Hi Mefftu,


I'll be forwarding this to the Dev team and closing your thread in the meantime. If you have any other bugs to report, please create a new thread or submit a support ticket (link in my sig).


As always, we appreciate your report! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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