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Greetings trainer, and welcome to my new thread.


Recently I've found myself wondering about the plight of new players and familiarising oneself with the game. Having played other TCG's before this one I didn't find it too hard to get used to the Pokemon TCG(though I've never played IRL). That said, I understand that there are those who are entirely new to the TCG/CCG genre, or who are still trying to master the game(which is most of us). As such I've decided to consolidate my services into a single thread, for new and learning players who have any questions or are looking into a deck of a particular theme. I'm not the supreme king of decks or anything, I just know how they work; anyone else is welcome to offer advice the same as anyone can make inquiries. Just keep in mind that this is my dojo.


The start of this thread will be where I post information and deck lists. It will be divided into 4 sections: General Information as well as three divisions of decks. Those are; starter-based decks(using only cards from the 3 B & W starter decks, the Orange deck and Rallying Cry), Theme-deck based(using any of the theme decks currently accessible, including by purchase) and Commissioned decks(incorporating any request that doesn't fit the other two categories).


Guidelines For Making Requests:

If you intend to enlist my help with a deck concept I need a certain amount of information to go by. Here's the sort of intel which will help narrow things down:


1. Unlimited/Modified. I assume Modified in most cases but if you don't mind building an Unlimited deck just say so.


2. Theme or idea. I'm not going to make your deck completely from scratch. I want everyone here to arrive at a deck that they're not only satisfied with but also have a sense of ownership over. As a rule, it's probably a good idea to provide at least 2 pieces information. So, 'I want to build a Fire deck' is much too vague, but 'I want a Fire deck that focuses on using Burn' is something I can work with.


3. Choose a Pokemon, or two. Choose a couple of Pokemon you like or you think would have good synergy; same as you'd do with the Deck Wizard, though I like to think my magical powers surpass it's programming. In the case of Pokemon that can evolve please state the Evolved form(s) you would like rather than just the Basic prevolution.


4. Your current deck list. This will obviously include most information I've already included but will give me a much greater insight into how I can help you whilst maintaining your style. I'll usually give you some options rather than an absolute list, anyway. It's good to play-test things yourself so you get the feel for what you like and would rather do without.

5. Ask questions and discuss. This is a place for learning the basics and getting a head start on some info that's going to help you in the long-term as well as right now. However, it's also a place for ideas, and no matter how stupid something may seem at first you never be sure what sort of potential it could have. So, if you think of something, don't hold out on us. Better to get people helping you polish it until it works then give up on something that could have turned out really well. At the very least you'll know for sure if it works or not.


Terms of Use:

I didn't want to make a bunch of rules but there are a couple things I wanted to clarify.


First of all, this is intended to be a civil and respectful environment. That's pretty much part of the forums own guidelines but beyond that I want this to be somewhere free of patronisation and needless disputes(which applies as much to me as anyone else). Having an opinion is fine, clarifying your opinion to someone is fine(as is offering an alternate opinion), but questioning the intelligence of someone with an opinion that differs from your own is not, no matter the difference in experience.

The other thing is that I can be a bit of a grammar nazi. I'll try not to let it bother me too much, but please take the time to edit your posts to the best of your ability. This forum has spell-check so at least use that. If you post something that's a mess I'm far less likely to be interested in getting back to you, anyway.

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General Information:


Part One: Gaining Tokens and Cards

This is quite important stuff to know; without many card you lack options, so you're going to have a hard time deck-building. If you miss this information you may come to regret it.

First of all there's a disclaimer I have to make: None of the cards you obtain from free packs OR purchase with Tokens are able to be Traded. I'm hoping to get them to change the system so Token-bought cards are Trade-able but in the meantime it is what it is; we just have to work within the bounds we've been placed in.


That leads to me the second point; how you actually get aforementioned Tokens and Cards. Here is a list of things you can do to get packs and Tokens:


1. Log in daily. You've probably noticed this one; when you log in on any given day you'll be rewarded 15 Tokens just for showing up. Every 5 times you'll receive a Booster Pack instead. It never resets so don't worry if you miss a day, just log in as many days as you can.


2. Play a Multiplayer match. The first multiplayer match you play each day will net you an additional 10 Tokens, even if you lose. The catch is it has to last 5 minutes or longer; so you can't just forfeit immediately to get them without playing.


3. Use a code. Even if you don't have a bought code from a real life pack you can still use the 'every-man's code'. Just go to the 'Redeem codes' section at the top right and use the code 'boundariescrossed', or the name of any current expansion(no spaces). That will give you a copy of Rallying Cry(a Theme Deck that focuses on the 'Round' attack). You may as well do this 4 times as there's no limit and that way you'll get max duplicates of every card in Power Relay.


4. Complete the Trainer Challenge. This isn't as simple as playing each match in the three tournaments; there are Star ratings on each one. The Star rating, which is out of 4, will go up with your cumulative score for that match. Each match you play gives a score based on various factors, such as how much damage you dealt, which has a multiplier based on difficulty(which is why you should hike this up once you get the hang of the game).

5. Play through all of the Trainer matches with each Theme deck. For every starter deck you will unlock cards within the deck for winning matches, up to 12 matches when you'll have the complete deck(this feature isn't currently active, not sure whether it will return). With the others you get a Booster pack at 12 Trainer match wins. In addition to that you will get an extra Token the first time you complete any given Trainer Match with a particular deck, so go through and check you've done this with each, and remember to do it with any new Theme deck you get.


6. Play in 'Expert'. This may sound daunting but the fact of the matter is that there's nothing to be earned in Novice. Expert matches are a different story. Every 'Expert' game you play that lasts over 5 minutes will reward you with 1 Token; win or lose. On top of that, you'll earn an extra 2 Tokens if you win against someone with 'Advantage'; which will show at the start of the game(Still has to be over 5 minutes, which makes a total of 3).


7. Play Minigames. Playing minigames in the Pokemon Fun Zone will net you up to 15 Tokens per week. You get one Token the first time you play a particular game and can earn more based on points earnt within that game each time you play.


8. Spin each day. The Fun Zone also has a Pokemon Trainer Club Spin. You can spin once each day with the chance to win 1, 2 or 3 tokens. Otherwise you'll get a background or Pokmon to use with your avatar on the main site.


9. Buy some cards. This thread is partially about giving non-paying players an understanding of how they can make-do, but it's obviously a lot quicker and easier to simply pay up and get trade-able cards so you can build whatever deck you want. If you can afford it and are willing to do so then go for it; Pokemon TCG is one of the few places where you get corresponding virtual cards for buying real ones, so it's a much better investment then a lot of online games.


10. Watch episodes. I haven't done this yet, as I'm half way through watching the Johto Journeys and they don't have all episodes here(just the later ones in each season). I have heard that watching episodes gives Tokens though, so if that interests you try it out(then let me know how it works).


I'm fairly certain that's everything, but if someone knows of another method than let me know and I'll be sure to add it.


Part Two: Spending Tokens

While it's great to earn as many Tokens as you can it's less satisying if you don't get the most out of them. First of all, if you're serious about getting as many cards as you can then don't waste them on stuff like sleeves or boxes.


Now, you can buy Theme Decks, or you can buy Booster Packs. Which is best? Well, in terms of overal gain, Theme Decks are.

A theme deck contains 60 (including 18 energy cards) and the first copy you get gives an unlockable Booster Pack(for an extra 10 cards).

As energy is irrelevant(you already own infinite energy) that makes for a total of 52 cards gained; at a cost of 500 Tokens. That's 9.6 Tokens Per card, when compared to paying 475-485 for 25 cards gained with Boosters, which is 19.2 cards gained. That's literally double per card. Having more bang for buck doesn't mean you should steer clear of Boosters forever, it's just good to get started with a couple Theme decks to give you some direction and predictable pulls. They're a more efficeint and reliable use of Tokens.


As to which Theme decks you should buy, it can vary, though I'd recomend steering clear of the Kalos ones(at least at first) as they might replace the Black and White starters sooner or later(just assuming, so if anyone knows otherwise let me know).

First of all you need to take a good look at which cards you've received from completing the Trainer Challenge. I, for example, got myself some strong water pokemon; so I bought the Solar Strike Deck, which does have various Water pokemon but I was mostly after Blastoise(with Deluge). It's a good deck to have, as is Psy_Crusher. It's best to choose which ones suits you and your current cards.

To know the exact cards in each Theme Deck follow this link: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Theme_Deck_%28TCG%29

Just scroll down to 5th Generation; Plasma Storm onwards(until Japanese Decks that is, lol).

At the moment I'm trying to get the older ones because I want to own them when they're no longer available, but if you aren't worried about owning them all just get what's useful to you.

If you're still not sure which is best for you then just ask.


As to which Boosters you should buy, you should generally get the more recent ones(Boundaries Crossed onwards), particularly if you don't have a usable Ace Spec(So not G Booster/Scope without Genesect Ex, for example). That said, if you want a dragon deck, don't let that keep you from buying Dragons Exalted, as an obvious example.

Legendary Treasures is different from the others. It has 10 cards and lacks the restriction on Holo Rares meaning potentially more than 1 rare per pack. It's not a sure-thing, but I've gotten 7 Holo Rares(with 4 Full Arts) and 20 other Rares from it so far. That's out of 72 cards(not sure where the extra 2 are from), which makes for 19.4% Rares, which is basically equivalent to the 5 cards boosters, though I may have just done poorly, as I've heard LT is supposed to have good pull rates. It also costs a little more than double, so if they're equal it's actually a bit under par. If anyone has more information on pull rates then it'd be nice to know. May still be best to decide based on what you want, so check the card database for things you're after before deciding.


Part Three: Principles of Deck building:


If you read this section and learn from it then you should already be half way to being a capable Trainer; apart from this it's just experience and knowledge of cards and the meta. Some of these will be creeds by which to govern how you build, such as what goes into your deck - and what doesn't - others will simply be advice on how to contribute to or counteract various factors.


Card Ratios:

This is one thing that's relatively simple and yet something you probably won't fully realise when you first start playing. The number of Pokemon, Trainers and Energy you have in your deck is crucial to balance and efficiency.

The standard ratio is 15 Pokemon, 30 Trainers and 15 Energy. Use that as a guide whenever your not sure. This will vary under some circumstances, such as a deck that runs no evolutions, which could therefore have as little as 10 Pokemon, but for most decks it works quite nicely.


That's not all, though. The ratios of different cards within those three categories are equally important, if not more so...


A good Pokemon lineup will run the right amount of duplicates for optimum efficacy and reliability.


The first distinction I would put forward is the difference between Pokemon that play an active role in your strategy(though that needn't mean as an attacker) and Pokemon which are tech options(which provide additional assets, increase flexibility and/or counter certain risks).

A good example would be Keldeo Ex. He's often used in decks simply for his 'Rush In' ability which, in combination with Float Stone, makes for continual switching and thus removes Special Conditions also. In such a role he isn't entirely necessary, and your strategy doesn't rely upon him, but you still want to be able to bank on him for your switch capabilities. So 2 Keldeo Ex is ideal. It's not likely they'll both get Prized, which would leave you vulnerable to something like Accelgor/Gothitelle Lock or simply hurt overall efficiency in regards to swapping Pokemon.

If, however, you were playing a Water deck that has Blastoise(Deluge) in it, things become different. You still get the utility of 'Rush In' but in this context you are likely using Keldeo to attack with, at least some of the time. As such it might make more sense to run 3-4 Keldeo Ex, depending what other attackers you run.

So tech is generally something you play 1-2 of depending on how it affects your build, how specific it's effect is and how likely redundancy is to occur(eg two Mr Mimes on bench is overkill).


In regards to evolved Pokemon things can become a little more complicated, but in the context of the above principle it's typically the highest evolution you consider foremost(noteworthy exceptions being Eelektrik{dynamotor}, who's ironically more useful than Eelektross, and the Eevee lineage, where the variety of evolved forms may blur this ideal).

SO, things obviously don't work the same for three-tier Pokemon(that evolve up to Stage 2) as they do for two-tier Pokemon(that evolve to Stage 1), especially considering the existence of Rare Candy.

Stage 1 Pokemon are usually most efficient when you run an equal amount of their prevolved form. So 2 Watchog means you should have 2 Patrat. Simple.

Not sure there are any exceptions where you need to run more of the relevant Basic Pokemon. Only realistic example I can think of is that you might run 3-4 Foongus but only 2-3 Amoongus(Sporprise) if you're using Devolution Spray to alternate your Amoongus on 2 benched Foongus. You are still welcome to +1 on the Basic Pokemon if that feels safer.

Times where you have more Pokemon that evolve from a Basic then the Basic itself are unusual. If you run Eevee you might want use extra evolutions for flexibility and, in some cases, as targets for Eevee's Signs of Evolution attack.

3 tier Pokemon are a bit different, yet not so much as you might think. In the absence of Rare Candy it's usually best to -1 with the top Pokemon if you're using 4-4 or 3-3 on its' prevolution. That said, Rare Candy is vital to the success of Stage 2 Pokemon so I'm going to focus on that a bit more. You generally want one more Rare Candy then you technically need. So with 3 Charmander and 3 Charizard I would still run 4 Rare Candy. That said, a single copy of the middle tier Pokemon is usually a good option as you can usually search this much more easily then Rare Candy, for when it(or Skyla) doesn't coincide with your Stage 2 or an Ultra Ball etc. That leaves us with 3 Charmander, 1 Charmaleon, 3 Charizard and 3 Rare Candy. You may still choose to go with 4 in that scenario, but 3 should give enough safety.


It's usually a good idea to have close to 10 Basic pokemon in your deck. You just need to consider Turn 1 to see the value in this; you don't want to be too light on Basic Pokemon and mulligan several times, but nor do you want to have too many taking up deck space, considering your bench can only take 5. With a sixth of your deck made up of Basic Pokemon the chances are thus in your favour to not mulligan, as you draw 7 cards to start.


Trainer cards should make up about half of your deck.


The reason for that is that they can provide reliability without distracting from a powerful Pokemon team and grant additional effects with immediate gratification. Given Pokemon is a game with easy draw mechanics, typically in the form of certain Supporter cards, it makes sense to advantage from not only these Supporters, but other Trainers that have direct effects on the field to take advantage of these draw capabilities in order to cut down your opponents options and enhance your own side of the field.


Supporter cards are the back-bone of any deck. They can redeem poor hands, create stability, and generally just provide the most efficient way to get more cards out of your deck. That said, with only one a turn playable you need to create the right balance. You typically want around 10-14, including any Random Recievers you might have. This will predominately be made of cards like N, Juniper and Colres. Apart from that the more effective Supporters tend to be precise. Skyla and Shadow Triad fall into this category, as they grab a particular card, which gives reliability and efficiency. In between these two extremes there are cards like Cheren and Cilan, which are less useful. Not bad as stand-ins or for particular reasons but generally far less deck-worthy. It's most efficient to use your hand then grab a new one; hovering in-between just doesn't work as well.


Items are generally the most usable card type.

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Starter-based Decks:

Will work on completing this properly later, for now here's something I made before commencing Pallet Town:


Okay, so I've done a little work toward creating something workable and I'm quite happy with the results. Nothing groundbreaking and it won't be very competitive at Expert level(though I've been testing it there anyway) but here it is:


Cheap As Mud



2x Throh(From Basic Orange)

2x Bouffalant(From Black & White - Green)

1x Lapras(From B&W - Blue)


2x Yanma(B&W - Green)

1x Yanmega


4x Oshawott(BW Blue)

3x Dewott

2x Samurott


[Total 17]



4x N (Orange and Blue)

2x Juniper(Red)

2x Colres(Green)

1x Cilan(Blue)

1x Cheren(Red)

2x Random Receiver(Blue) [subtotal 12]


2x Pokemon Catcher(Orange)

2x Crushing Hammer(Blue)

2x Potion(Blue)

2x Energy Search(Red)

2x Energy Retrieval(Red)

1x Ultra Ball(Red)

2x Heavy Ball(Orange)

2x Level Ball(Green)

2x Switch(Green/Orange)


[Total 29]



4x Double Colourless Energy(Power Relay)

6x Water Energy

4x Fighting Energy


[Total 14]


There's obviously some leniency in the Trainers you run and I may change that myself yet, but you get the idea.

Throh is the only Fighting Pokemon because I actually started my testing with a modified Orange Deck which didn't do so well and having rotated every Pokemon to shift the focus I came to the conclusion that he's the most economic and useful Pokemon in that deck.

Realising that Samurott shares his Retreat cost and is thus a Heavy Ball target I decided to throw(no pun intended) him into the water starter. The other advantage to Samurott is that his ability to discard their energy makes for great disruption. You could go with the Emboar line, and I'm still going to try that version, but Flamethrower just doesn't have the reliability that Destrucitve Whirpool does; even if you're dealing excess damage you still have to Discard an Energy and if you're not dealing enough that extra 40 damage isn't going to improve Emboar's chances of survival. The big thing is just that it sucks your Energy meaning when he bites the dust you're not likely to have another pokemon with Energy. Better for them to take less damage and lose an energy(of your choice) then for you to lose one, in summary of my opinion. There's also Serperior, but it's not a Heavy Ball target which is part of the point and healing 30 is kinda hit and miss in terms of survival; at least hitting their energy will give your other pokemon a better fighting chance. Conkeldurr is flawed in that milling doesn't really fit with dealing 80 so his attack rather mediocre and while he can often survive well that requires energy that can easily be going to waste. The secondary evolutions aren't inherently bad(Blaziken and Seismitoad are great, in fact) but with only one Stage 2 they're simply not worth the space in terms of reliability.


After scrapping most of the other Pokemon and trying a bunch of stuff I ended up with what's above(Left Milotic in at first but with only one Milotic, Feebas is too much of a liability IMO).


Lapras actually got put back in there near the end because I realised that some bench damage could be crucial for finishing escaped Pokemon. That's why you only need one.


Yanma and Yanmega were the last Pokemon added, in place of various Normal Pokemon I tried(Kanghaskan, Patrat/Watchog Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff, Chatot etc).

Yanma is good though as it bounces their pokemon(similar to Throh) which makes it difficult for them to set up early on.

Yanmega has a few nice assets; first of all he has 0 retreat cost for flexability, second he can use Evasion to face off against intimidating attacks(no guarantees and he's healths not great but it's a nice option and big health doesn't guarantee survival in this meta anyway) and third he and Yanma both rely on Colourless energy, making him a nice fit without just being another Normal Pokemon.

Kanghaskan is what I started with and my second pick, for those who don't want Yanmega...

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Available Theme-deck based Decks:


I currently own the Solar Strike, Plasma Claw and Plasma Shadow Theme decks. I will work on obtaining them all before creating some decks for this section. That said if someone has a request that relates to one of those two I may complete something sooner.


On a side note I also have the cards from the old Starter decks, including the Yellow one. They're open for requests if I've got nothing else on my plate. You're welcome to give me something simply as a challenge.

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Commissioned Decks:


So there are two options with this; a deck with your current cards or advice on a deck that could be worked towards on the basis of some cards you do own or are simply your interested in and could feasibly obtain(I recommend the second). I don't own many cards myself so I'm not saying I'm intending to play-test things for you, just make suggestions and design decks. If anyone wants to help test a deck or two I'd appreciate the contribution but I'm hoping for people to test their own decks and get a feel for how they work.


Here's an example from another thread of what I might say(basically just here to fill this section until things get moving in which case I'll just post decks with short summaries and who they're for):


Alright, I'd like to start by pointing out that I'm pretty new at this, and I don't have a lot of cards yet. I'm still working on obtaining all 45 packs from the Trainer Challenge; so far I have about 10 of them. As such, this deck so far just consists of what I've got available to work with. It's sort-of based around Rallying Cry, with as much effort as I could manage put in to counter all the EX Pokémon people tend to throw around. So far it's the only deck I've been able to get regular wins with against people using EX cards, and other powerful basic Pokémon cards.


I'm looking to find out what some of my highest priorities in expanding/improving this deck might be. Pleeeeeease don't just tell me to scrap the deck and replace it with a bunch of expensive rare cards, because that doesn't help me. I'm not made of money and Pokémon cards. I don't yet own ANY Pokémon EX cards. What would help is saying something like "Hey, your deck might benefit from adding a Plasma Blast Suicune", or "You should probably look into getting another Cinccino or two", or "You might want to replace one of your Palpitoads with another Rare Candy", or something along those lines. Things that give me one or two cards at a time as goals to strive for, rather than dozens. That is helpful.


That being said, my deck so far is as-follows:


(16 Pokémon)

2 Bouffalant (Dragons Exalted)

1 Eevee (Dark Explorers) [surprise Attack]

1 Eevee (Dark Explorers) [smash Kick/Tail Whap]

1 Vaporeon (Plasma Freeze)

1 Minccino (Dragons Exalted)

1 Minccino (Legendary Treasures) [Call for Family/Tail Smack]

1 Cinccino (Legendary Treasures)

3 Tympole (Dragons Exalted)

3 Palpitoad (Noble Victories)

1 Seismitoad (Noble Victories)

1 Seismitoad (Dragons Exalted)


(32 Trainers)

2 Energy Switch

2 Pokémon Catcher

2 Potion

2 Random Receiver

1 Rare Candy

4 Switch

2 Ultra Ball

2 Bianca

2 Caitlen

2 Cheren

2 Colress

4 N

2 Professor Juniper

2 Aspertia City Gym

1 Exp Share


(12 Energies)

4 Double Colourless Energy

8 Water Energy


Well It really depends what your focus is. If you like the Eevee lineage and the Cincino's then I reckon you may as well drop the Seismitoad line instead. It's not a Round deck so you simply don't need him.


Okay, so you said to keep it a few cards at a time, so what I'm going to do is make a you a set of goals toward making a deck based on what's here....


1. Get yourself the *** Crusher Theme deck(you'll have enough Tokens from the Trainer Challenge when you're done). Get Frost Ray when you can afford it and remember to play 12 Trainer matches with each of your theme decks.


2. Max both Mincinno and Cincinno.


3. Look for Team Plasma Flareon. He's Uncommon so that shouldn't be too hard.


4. Try to get yourself some copies of Audino(Busybody)


5. If you don't have one yet grab yourself an Umbreon.


6. Attempt to get yourself Ho-oh Ex. Two would be even better. It's there to accompany your strategy and you really only need a couple so I don't think that's unreasonable if you get this far.


7. Build a deck that looks something like the following(all other steps lead to this so keep the finished picture in mind):



4x Eevee(PF)

2-3x Flareon(Plasma) + 1 each of every other Eeveelution(can tamper a little with the Eon's but the idea is to get optimum search value out of Eevee)


4x Mincino

4x Cincinno


4x Audino


2x Ho-oh Ex



4x Juniper

6-8 other Supporters or Random Receiver

1x Computer Search/Dowsing

2x Ultra Ball

2-4x Level Ball

4x Energy Search

Xx other Stuff



2-4 Double Colourless Energy

Bunch of other basic energy for each Eon, thus showing slight favouritism to Water. I'd +1 Psychic too as Espeon only use one energy and it's best to make it the right one.


The basic idea is to use Cincinno early as a means to survive the early game so you can setup Pokemon in your discard pile with which to fuel Flareon's Vengeance attack. That's why having a variety of Eeveelutions is ideal; you're not actually going to play them all, just the ones that are useful at the time as well as Flareon. The rest are discarded. It's also nice to be adaptable. You can keep Bouffalant if you'd like but keep in mind that there is a Jolteon and a Vaporeon with anti-Ex attacks. Both is probably the best option.


Now I realise the finished product is quite different in overall cards but I wanted you to see the potential of this deck. With the exception of Ho-oh Ex and your Ace Spec the deck doesn't need a single Rare and Ho-oh is just too good in this for you not to at least try to get it.


7. Try to get yourself some good tech options, eg KeldStone(Keldeo Ex with ***********. By now you should have some experience up your sleeve and know how else you'd like to improve the deck(eg Team Plasma Umbreons).


8. Enjoy ;)


Keep in mind that you'll get the best results if you follow the guidelines I wrote in the opening post.

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The start of this thread will be where I post information and deck lists. It will be divided into 4 sections: General Information as well as three divisions of decks. Those are; starter-based decks(using only cards from the 3 B & W starter decks, the Orange deck and Power Relay), Theme-deck based(using any of the theme decks currently accessible, including by purchase) and Commissioned decks(incorporating any request that doesn't fit the other two categories).

i don't know if you noticed yet, but they swaped out the powerrelay deck for ralling cry (when obtained via the code :))

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i don't know if you noticed yet, but they swaped out the powerrelay deck for ralling cry (when obtained via the code :))


That's what I meant actually. If you noticed earlier in the thread I mentioned it being the "Round" attack based one. I don't actually have Power Relay as I wasn't playing then.


Is it here I should ask for help building Eeveelution decks?


This is the place I was referencing and you can ask for help with any deck. I'm going to add a little summary of what info to include in requests at some point, but for now just be as specific as you can about what sort of deck you're looking for(eg, modified/unlimited, eevee-centric or using a particular 'Eon', etc)

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It can be any type of deck for ,like 2 Eeveelutions, like Glaceon/Vaporeon, Espeon/Leafeon, ..., something like that.


Well the most prominent and sensible Eevee-based deck would be something like the one I outlined for Spryte in the Commisioned Decks section(above). You basically use a variety of eeveelutions and focus on setting up your discard pile to fuel Team Plasma Flareon's 'Veangence' attack. It makes deliberate use of Juniper to discard, as well as Ultra Ball(though Level Ball works fine for searching) and/or Superior Energy Retrieval.


Apart from stuff like Audino, Exeggcute and Ho-oh Ex you can run a few different accompanying Pokemon, with a much greater number of Pokemon then most decks. The most common trend is to use Empoleon(Diving Draw) to chuck Pokemon and simultaneously provide a draw engine. There's also a Dark version that uses Weavile(Villify) as an early game attacker with Flareon in reserve.


Not going to tell you exactly which works 'best' or which you should use, but another Pokemon that's perfect for the deck is Ditto. He's changeable nature is good for use with Eevee as he can warm the bench and you can evolve straight to an Eon next turn. Even if that doesn't work perfectly he's never a wasted card because this deck makes use of him being an extra Pokemon in the Discard Pile.


Aside from that deck there are just far too many alternatives considering Eevee's adaptable nature. Could be fun to pick two of your favourites then build a hybrid-energy deck based on your choice. Or start with something that already uses two energy types and let that make the decision for you: Eg, I start with Latias Ex and focus on Espeon and Flareon.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

What do you suppose i do with 3 Flareon, 1 Jolteon, 2 Vaporeon (all Team Plasma) and 3 signs of evolution eevee from the plasma freeze set?

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Probably the same thing I was just telling Naruhina about on the last page and which I quoted in the Commissions section. Flareon is your trump and Jolteon is anti-Ex tech.


I like Eeveeelutions as much as the next person but some non-Eevee related questions would be nice. Not complaining, just all I've gotten so far :confused:

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Cool! Thanks! I have not really followed the steps but i have managed to pull together a crazy deck that looks something like this


Pokemon (17):

2x plasma storm eevee(signs of evolution)

1 flareon

1 jolteon

1 plasma rotom(poltergeist)

2x emolga (call for family)

1 baltoy

1 claydol (dragons exalted)

2x riolu

1 lucario(legendary treasures-aura sphere)

1 durant (pull out)

1 gothita


1 gothitelle(magic room-legendary treasures)

1 sawk (kick of righteousness)



2x colress

4x N

2x juniper

1 shadow triad

2x cheren

2x caitlyn

1 escape rope

2x switch

4x level ball

2x ultra ball

2x tool scrapper

1 silver bangle

2x hypnotoxic laser

1 superior energy retrieval

1 virbank city gym

1 aspertia city gym



4x electric

4x fighting

4x psychic(idk why thats there

1 blend (electric, steel, fighting)


i just realized how crazy it is so i'm going to revise soon.

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Do you mean the steps I gave to Spryte? If so, some of those might not apply to you. I just quoted that from another thread as an example while Pallet Town is a work in progress.


Looking at what you have there you could take a few different directions. You could try to build an Accelgor/Gothitelle lock deck, for example.


I'll let you revise before I comment further on the deck itself, anyway. In the mean time I should probably write some more in the Deck Building section.

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About the round deck, I would drop the 2 Bouffalant, drop the eevees and vaporeon. Add 4 copies of Meleotta EX, drop trhge seismitoad line and replace it with exploud. It does more damage. Add some Wigglytuff if you want to and add rare candies

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About the round deck, I would drop the 2 Bouffalant, drop the eevees and vaporeon. Add 4 copies of Meleotta EX, drop trhge seismitoad line and replace it with exploud. It does more damage. Add some Wigglytuff if you want to and add rare candies


If you're talking about the deck I quoted, that's there as an example from another thread and it wasn't really a Round deck to begin with.


That said, what your describing is basically the Round deck I own(though I only posess 2 Meloetta Ex), which I may include as a 'Refined Starter' or something when I'm finished with all the intro stuff I'm writing. That's a good idea for something extra that could go in Theme Deck-Based Decks so thanks anyway. Looking like I might change the first two Deck categories a bit. We'll see.

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Firstly, go to the medical cupboard and pop a chill pill. Virizion Ex is a great card, but you won't get much out of it without the right deck.


Now, if you want to use it you're going to need to look at your collection and see what you have in the way of Grass-users. You can obviously equip Grass energy to anything, so Normal types are fine, but you want a consistent deck so try to build with the one energy type, at least to begin with(or at least until I write that part of Deck Building section).


The Green starter is obviously going to be some help if you don't have much, and is arguably the best of the three Black and White decks, so you may want to 'Clone' it to start with. Then you drop the Beautifly line, and possibly Yanmega, before fitting Virzion Ex and your other stuff. Clean up the trainer lineup, adding Supporters as you go, then try it out.


Apart from that you could give me more information on your Grass Pokemon so I can suggest something more specific.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

I just pulled a Shaymin ex full art as well, and I've already made a deck with them, and it looks something like this:




1 sigilyph(safeguard)

1 virizion ex(verdant wind)

1 shaymin ex(revenge blast)

1 shaymin(boundaries crossed, call for family)

2x genesect(plasma blast, jet impact)

1 maractus (plasma storm)

1 snivy (basic green)

1 servine (basic green)

1 serperior (legendary treasures, royal garden)

2x bouffalant(basic green)

1 tropius(plasma blast)



4x N

2x Professor Juniper

2x Colress

2x Skyla

1x Caitlyn

1x Cheren


1x Pokemon center

1x Virbank city gym


2x silver bangle

1x silver mirror

1x float stone


2x crushing hammer

2x ultra ball

2x tool scrapper

2x switch

2x hypnotoxic laser

1x energy search

1x escape rope




14x grass energy

2x blend energy(psychic/grass)

1 psychic energy


Any suggestions?

I use this on Expert to get a few extra tokens and it works okay.

(might take out the serperior line soon)

Thanks for reading all this!

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Well, I think you'd been fine without Sigilyph. You still have Bouffalant and whether it's worth using Blend Energy(which is vulnerable to Enhanced Hammer and similar effects) for a single Pokemon is questionable. May not matter. In regards to Serperior I'd probably agree that it's best left out; unless you have the Royal Heal version and/or Rare Candy it doesn't really offer a great deal.

A couple of Double Colourless Energy would be helpful, anyway.


I still think you'll need to enlist the services of some Normal type Pokemon. That said I don't know exactly which ones you actually have. I know they're not searchable by Genesect but he's not entirely necessary and you could use Kanghaskan if you still want an extra Call for Family. That said, within the starters the notable ones are probably Jigglypuff/wigglytuff, Ratatta/Raticate(little light in health, but also has free retreat) and Buneary/Lopunny. Yanma and Yanmega are quite nice too(technically still colourless), and would let you keep Genesect.

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First, I just want to say I think it's a great thing that you're doing here. I've been playing the TCG since the base set came out, but I'm not super familiar with current metagame or most of the strats people are running now (Other than the canned Team Plasma and Darkrai decks).


I was wondering if you could work some of that magic with an idea that I'm working on.


Deck List



x4 Axew (Dragon Vault)

x3 Fraxure (Plasma Blast)

x4 Haxorus (Plasma Blast)


x2 Durant (Dragons Exalted)




x3 Cilan

x4 Skyla

x3 N



x3 Pokemon Catcher

x3 Tool Scrapper

x4 Ether

x3 Switch

x3 Crushing Hammer

x1 Computer Search

x3 Rare Candy

x3 Ultra Ball




x10 Steel Energy

x4 Fighting Energy


The concept is pretty basic. Power up Haxxorus' Dragonaxe and sweep the field. Cilan and Ether gives me a steady stream of energy, and I feel like I have a good amount of search for getting the cards I need. Durant is a decent substitute for a Junk Hunt Sableye, since I don't think I want to bog the deck down with Darkness Energy. The problem with Durant is that it keeps me from drawing new cards, so it's not really good until late-game.


My other problem with this deck is it's SUPER reliant on getting a good starting hand. If I can't have Hax out by turn 2, I'm basically done. I'm trying to consider options for other tech, but like I said, I'm new to the metagame, so I'm struggling for ideas a little bit.


It's gone 5-9 in Expert Modified, and I'm hoping to be able to play this deck in tourneys some day in the future, if they ever add the functionality. Any insight would be appreciated. :)

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Thanks Ryohoshi.

I only really started when the online version was released, though I did take a hiatus for a while since then(don't worry though, I've had time to acclimitise). Most of my experience comes from numerous other TCG's.

Those 'canned decks' are from Worlds, so they're pretty relevant, actually. They show what the meta is like in a nutshell.


Well, on face value I'd recommend Munna>Musharna or Lunatone(Musharna works better but Lunatone is Basic and can use Fighting energy in a pinch) to get proper use out of those Ethers; otherwise they're quite luck dependent.

I understand metal lacks an energy engine of it's own, so with Haxorus it makes sense to use Ether, but it needs to be made more reliable.


That would probably mean dropping Durant, who's honestly not that great. Sableye is effective because he allows you to reuse two Items from hand, meaning they're both live next turn with another drawn card. A single-card recycle mechanic isn't worth the effort, honestly.

You could keep a single copy if you'd like, just as insurance, but it's only going to help if you're at risk of decking out, which just means you should be winning faster, lol.


As for tech, the best tech choice that's Metal is probably Coballion Ex, who could take lead early while you're preparing Haxorus. May even work with Scramble Switch to make sure Haxorus is loaded when he takes center stage(there is Klinklang, but multiple Stage 2's gets messy). May not be worth dropping Computer Search, but worth a try if you're not poor like me.

Coballion(non-Ex) would be fine, also, though his flinch-like effect won't really work vs someone with KeldStone(Keldeo Ex with Float Stone, if you missed what I did there).

You could, of course, use KeldStone yourself. It's the only real defense against Gothitelle /Accelgor Lock outside of a Grass deck.

Other than that the only truly general tech is Mr Mime to protect your bench, which can make a huge difference in some matches.


You probably only need 3-1-3 ratio for Haxorus, depending on how many Rare Candy you're using. I would think that 4 Haxorus is more than necessary in a lot of cases.

So let's say you have 3-1-3 Haxorus, 2 Coballion Ex, 2 Lunatone, 1 Mr Mime and 2 Keldeo Ex. That's 10 Basic Pokemon, which is how many you should have, and 14 total.

I think part of your problem is you're letting your opponent draw off mulligan which puts you at a bad start. If those aren't the exact Pokemon you use that's okay but you get the idea; 6 Basic Pokemon is too few. That's one of things I mention in the deck-building guide on page 1, though it's still incomplete atm.


There's also a slight issue with your Supporter lineup. Cilan may get you that single Fighting Energy in a match-up against Team Plasma, but it's pretty underwhelming in terms of draw power and helping shrug off bad hands; use 1-2, or even none. Put an extra N and a Juniper or two. Add a Colres if you don't mind him(I run 2, personally). Just don't bank on Cilan when you only need a single Fighting Energy against certain decks. Ten Supporters could be enough, depending which ones, but it's better to have a couple more if you still find yourself having bad starts.


The rest of your Trainer lineup is going to suffer for this but I'll leave the job of paring that down to you. The Items you have are mostly reasonable choices, just need a few less to make space for extra Pokemon and maybe a Supporter or two(or just use Random Receiver). Level Ball is the only thing I'd mention; you only need one or two to complement your Ultra Balls.


In regards to your 4 Fighting energy, that's a logical amount, but you may benefit from swapping it for Prism or Blend Energy(Fighting and Metal are on the same Blend so either is fine). Maybe keep a couple Basic Fighting in reserve in case of anti-special energy effects but you should be fine without them in most cases. It's Metal Energy that you want to target with Ether anyway and with Lunatone/Musharna it shouldn't be too much of an issue, you just play Ether when you know it will get a Metal Energy.


Anyway, that should be plenty to go by for the time being. It does somewhat depend what sort of resources you have, but there are always accommodations you can make if need be.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Hmm...normal types...do you think Watchog (he's saved me in a few games with the one energy Hypnoblast) would be better than Wigglytuff (3 energy hypnoblast 3x damage)? Just asking, because I usually find myself with no quick attackers (Genesect and Bouffalant both take 3 energy to power up and I only run 1 Virizion EX) and no energy acceleration...any suggestions? Some normal types i have are the legendary treasures Bouffalant (1) all of the starter ones, a 2-2 Bibarel line (never going to use that one) a couple of Audino (sadly, not the Hip Bump ones) 1-1-1-Slaking line (bad)

1-1 line of plasma storm Braviary with Big Wing and some other Pokemon I don't even want to mention. In short, i don't have much in terms of Normal types.

Also, i just pulled the new Genesect with Gaia Blaster or something like that. Should i put in my deck? (I just beat a Darkrai-Garbodor deck with just my Shaymin Ex saving me and I'm pretty happy with it in terms of low energy attacker.)

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Hmm...normal types...do you think Watchog (he's saved me in a few games with the one energy Hypnoblast) would be better than Wigglytuff (3 energy hypnoblast 3x damage)? Just asking, because I usually find myself with no quick attackers (Genesect and Bouffalant both take 3 energy to power up and I only run 1 Virizion EX) and no energy acceleration...any suggestions? Some normal types i have are the legendary treasures Bouffalant (1) all of the starter ones, a 2-2 Bibarel line (never going to use that one) a couple of Audino (sadly, not the Hip Bump ones) 1-1-1-Slaking line (bad)

1-1 line of plasma storm Braviary with Big Wing and some other Pokemon I don't even want to mention. In short, i don't have much in terms of Normal types.

Also, i just pulled the new Genesect with Gaia Blaster or something like that. Should i put in my deck? (I just beat a Darkrai-Garbodor deck with just my Shaymin Ex saving me and I'm pretty happy with it in terms of low energy attacker.)


Well Jigglypuff is useful for sleep, then Wigglytuff for a bit of damage. I may be a little biased because the times I use Wigglytuff I seem to get ridiculously good coin flips. Not sure if that's programming or just coincidence. Use Watchog if you prefer. Difference is that Jigglypuff can work nicely unevolved.


The energy problem is why I suggested Double Colourless Energy. 2-3 should make a significant difference in terms of energy supply.


Bibarel is probably not worth it, though Amnesia could work sometimes.

Audino could be alright. DE or LT?

That Bouffalant is definitely worth a try. If you have the bench space it can be nice to have Revenge in waiting. Have tried him in my current deck but I think I just have too much else going on(this is my Deluge-based Water deck).

Well Slaking is awful, but Braviary might be worth a try if your other options don't pan out. Should be fine at 1-1 if you've got the Rufflet with Chirp. Don't forget you can use Yanm(eg)a.

I have a couple Shaymin Ex, it is very nice tech.

As for that Genesect I'm not certain he'd be reliable enough to be worthwhile. Gaia Blaster requires 4 energy and it'd be best to try to use entirely Grass Energy to increase damage, but I suppose he does have a primary attack, at least. Given your options you may as well include him. Could push an advantage into a win, potentially.


How are you going with Tokens? You can save for Psy-Crusher or just buy LT in hopes of Royal Heal Serperior and whatever else.


PS: Is your name different in-game?

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This post if great! I've only been playing a week before that my only experience with Pokémon TCG is the old Gameboy colour game lol

I'm tying to make an electric deck around bringing out my ex cards (mainly will be raikou, thundurus, zekrom) (with Emolga's call for family attack) quickly along with getting the energy I need for them (This is for modified play)so here's my list:



evee x2

Jolteon x1

Emolga FA x4

Pikahu x1 (soon to be x2)

raichu x1

Raikou Ex FA x1

Thundurus (soon to be ex)

Tynamo x4

Eelektik x2

Eelektross x1

Zapdos x1



energy retrieval x4

level ball x2

switch x2

cheren x2

cilan x4

professor juniper x2

gaint cape x4

silve bangle



double colorless x2

lightning x18


And here are some card im thinking of swapping in somehow(I cant decide):



(not sure on the numbers)trainer:

max potion


random receiver

computer search


crushing hammer

skyarrow bridge


tool scrapper


town map

rare candy



zekrom ex x1


electabuzz x2

electivire x1


shinx x4

luxio x2

luxray x1


magnemite x4

magnetron x2

magnezone x1



sorr **** my grammer is horrible my keyboard is having ahissy fit.

I would appreciate any help thank you very much

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