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I can't log on


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I'm not sure if it is happening to everybody, but everytime I try to log onto Pokemon TCG online, it always says, "Invaild Username or Password"


I never have that problem when I'm logging on here. Is it just me, or is that happening to everybody?

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Hi archangelXIII!


Hmm, there are a couple of simple solutions. The first one is to try and recover your credentials using the 'Forgot Password/Username' functions on the log in window for pokemon.com. Following the instructions there should help you recover your info.


If that doesn't work, try removing all traces of the game from your computer, uninstalling the game and re-downloading and installing it to a new folder.


You may end up needing to send in a ticket for this issue but let us know the outcome of either of these here.



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Hi again archangelXIII!


Alright, if that's the case. The last thing I can suggest here is to run the game from the Refresher.exe file. You should be able to find the file in the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online folder on your computer. Finding it is fairly easy; simply use the start button or equivalent process to search for 'pokemon' on your computer. The folder should be one of the first in the list. From there, locate the refresher.exe file and run the game from there.

If your issue continues after running the refresher.exe file, I'd recommend sending in a ticket to the Support Team for more detailed assistance. You can do so by following the link in my signature. Remember to include what you have tried and an attached DXDiag or equivalent in the ticket.


I hope this has helped!

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Hello ArchangelXIII!


This is a known issue and a fix is being investigated. However, the steps below helped a couple of people get past this error yesterday. I recommend giving it a ****!



  • Open your Control Panel
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • Click Reset
  • Click Apply / OK

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