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Trading my Full Art Entei EX


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Figured having a trade thread would be easier so here we go.

Ingame Username: Artiearies


Best of what I've got at the moment (binder is up though):


Entei Ex Full Art

Meloetta Ex Full Art

Shaymin Ex Full Art

Kyogre Ex Full Art

Reshiram Full Art


Zoroark Foiled

Zekrom Foiled

Volcarona Foiled

Virizion Foiled

Blissey Foiled

Blaziken Foiled



Some of what I'm looking for (doesn't need to be full art):


Raikou Ex

Zapdos Ex

Thundrus Ex




Team Plasma Jolteon


Team Plasma Magnezone


Plasma Frigate


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I'm interested in the Kyogre and Shaymin. I have a Magnazone (Plamsa), eviolite, and skyla. I also have some stuff that wasn't on your list you may like.

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