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Hi I'm kinda new to the TCG so i played through the Trainer Challenge and I want to start trying online and I just wanted to know some good unlimited format or modified format decks to make from just the Basic Orange, Black & White Basic Red, Blue and Green, and the Rallying Cry theme decks ? Thanks.

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Hi I'm kinda new to the TCG so i played through the Trainer Challenge and I want to start trying online and I just wanted to know some good unlimited format or modified format decks to make from just the Basic Orange, Black & White Basic Red, Blue and Green, and the Rallying Cry theme decks ? Thanks.


When you say 'played through' do you mean you've got 4 Stars on each Trainer match? If not I suggest you do so first before worrying about constructing a deck as that will give you a larger card pool to work with.


At the moment I'm using a Round deck(so mostly Rallying Cry cards) augmented by cards earned with the above method. I managed to score 2 Meloetta Ex in my free boosters so it was a logical choice, though I'm not sure how well it would work without them as setting up would be much harder. Finding something that works with the cards you get from clocking the Trainer Challenge is your best bet, honestly.


As such I'm going to ask you share your card list here so I and others can give you some options, or simply look at what you might be able to do with those yourself.


Apart from that I will try to look into what it is you actually asked for, though I can't make any guarantees. In the meantime you could simply modify a theme deck to the best of your ability by play-testing. Just increasing the number of supporters to 10-12 will make a huge difference, let alone swapping in more cohesive normal pokemon etc.

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Okay, so I've done a little work toward creating something workable and I'm quite happy with the results. Nothing groundbreaking and it won't be very competitive at Expert level(though I've been testing it there anyway) but here it is:


Cheap As Mud



2x Throh(From Basic Orange)

2x Bouffalant(From Black & White - Green)

1x Lapras(From B&W - Blue)


2x Yanma(B&W - Green)

1x Yanmega


4x Oshawott(BW Blue)

3x Dewott

2x Samurott


[Total 17]



4x N (Orange and Blue)

2x Juniper(Red)

2x Colres(Green)

1x Cilan(Blue)

1x Cheren(Red)

2x Random Receiver(Blue) [subtotal 12]


2x Pokemon Catcher(Orange)

2x Crushing Hammer(Blue)

2x Potion(Blue)

2x Energy Search(Red)

2x Energy Retrieval(Red)

1x Ultra Ball(Red)

2x Heavy Ball(Orange)

2x Level Ball(Green)

2x Switch(Green/Orange)


[Total 29]



4x Double Colourless Energy(Power Relay)

6x Water Energy

4x Fighting Energy


[Total 14]


There's obviously some leniency in the Trainers you run and I may change that myself yet, but you get the idea.

Throh is the only Fighting Pokemon because I actually started my testing with a modified Orange Deck which didn't do so well and having rotated every Pokemon to shift the focus I came to the conclusion that he's the most economic and useful Pokemon in that deck.

Realising that Samurott shares his Retreat cost and is thus a Heavy Ball target I decided to throw(no pun intended) him into the water starter. The other advantage to Samurott is that his ability to discard their energy makes for great disruption. You could go with the Emboar line, and I'm still going to try that version, but Flamethrower just doesn't have the reliability that Destrucitve Whirpool does; even if you're dealing excess damage you still have to Discard an Energy and if you're not dealing enough that extra 40 damage isn't going to improve Emboar's chances of survival. The big thing is just that it sucks your Energy meaning when he bites the dust you're not likely to have another pokemon with Energy. Better for them to take less damage and lose an energy(of your choice) then for you to lose one, in summary of my opinion. There's also Serperior, but it's not a Heavy Ball target which is part of the point and healing 30 is kinda hit and miss in terms of survival; at least hitting their energy will give your other pokemon a better fighting chance. Conkeldurr is flawed in that milling doesn't really fit with dealing 80 so his attack rather mediocre and while he can often survive well that requires energy that can easily be going to waste. The secondary evolutions aren't inherently bad(Blaziken and Seismitoad are great, in fact) but with only one Stage 2 they're simply not worth the space in terms of reliability.


After scrapping most of the other Pokemon and trying a bunch of stuff I ended up with what's above(Left Milotic in at first but with only one Milotic, Feebas is too much of a liability IMO).


Lapras actually got put back in there near the end because I realised that some bench damage could be crucial for finishing escaped Pokemon. That's why you only need one.


Yanma and Yanmega were the last Pokemon added, in place of various Normal Pokemon I tried(Kanghaskan, Patrat/Watchog Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff, Chatot etc).

Yanma is good though as it bounces their pokemon(similar to Throh) which makes it difficult for them to set up early on.

Yanmega has a few nice assets; first of all he has 0 retreat cost for flexability, second he can use Evasion to face off against intimidating attacks(no guarantees and he's healths not great but it's a nice option and big health doesn't guarantee survival in this meta anyway) and third he and Yanma both rely on Colourless energy, making him a nice fit without just being another Normal Pokemon.

Kanghaskan is what I started with and my second pick, for those who don't want Yanmega...

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Thnaks NinetynineTails, I didn't realise that getting four stars did anything, so I will do that before I post a list. And thanks for the advice on the theme decks as I do quite like the Basic Green in the Trainer Battles. Thanks for the reply and I will make a list as soon as I get full four stars. Thanks.

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Wow,thanks for the list, I didn't think anybody would go through that much trouble to help, so thank you very much for taking so much time to help me, I will definitely try it out, and also I have started getting the four stars and found that you get a pack, so thank you for telling me that as well, and after reading I have to agree with what you said, and it really annoys me that there is only one Blaziken because he does so well against the computer, and Emboar is really quite annoying when setting up. Again thank you very much for taking so much time out to help me, I think this will be a very good starting point so thank you !!

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Yeh, I think that's why they chose Blaziken really. Would be too good as the main Stage 2. It's fine, anyway, I actually enjoyed building with the starter decks; it's a lot less messy then sorting through all the random stuff I've gotten from boosters.


Anyway, I tried Emboar in place of Samurott and, while he worked reasonably well, I still prefer Samurott who does more against the standard of Pokemon you'll be facing(namely Pokemon Ex with 160-180 health).


Another option might be to simply scrap Stage 2 Pokemon and cut down on setup requirements. I might give that a **** next.


Apart form that I had one other idea which is a bit crazy and probably wouldn't work.


I've now made a thread including this and some other stuff(it's a work in progress), have a look if you're interested.

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