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el_Mago Trading Zone (have packs and cards)


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Hi this is my trading thread. I have both cards and packs. Currently I'm only interested in packs or cards from my wants list (below).


PF - Plasma Freeze

BC - Boundaries crossed

DEX - Dark explorers

ND - Next destinies

BW - Black white

PS - Plasma storm

PB - Plasma Blast

LT - Legendary treasures

NV - Noble victories







----LT packs (also have packs from the last 5 sets in case you are interested)




----Pokemon ex:

- 4x Deoxys ex PF

- 2x Thundurus ex PF

- 2xLandorus EX FA BC

- 2x Landorus ex BC

- 2x Keldeo ex FA BC

- 1x Keldeo ex BC

- 1xCresselia ex FA BC

- 1x Celebi ex FA BC

- 1x Keldeo ex Promo

- 2xTornadus ex FA DEX

- 1xDarkrai ex DEX

-1xDarkrai ex promo

-1xRaikou ex FA DEX

-1xEntei ex FA DEX

- 1 xEntei ex DEX

-1x Raikou ex DEX

-1xGroudon ex DEX

1x Rayquaza ex FA DE

-1x Ho-oh ex FA DE

-1xRayquaza ex DE

-1xRayquaza ex promo

- 1xPalkia ex PB

-2xZekrom ex

-2xMewtwo ex ND

-1xShaymin ex ND

-1xBlack kyurem ex PS

- 2x Victini ex FA

- 1x Victini ex PS

-2x Lugia ex FA

-1x Lugia ex PS

-1x Articuno ex FA

- 1x Articuno ex PS

-1x Cobalion ex PS

-1xwhite kyurem ex

- 1x Mew ex FA LT

-1x Shaymin ex FA LT




----Secret Rares



- 2xGolurk

- 2xBlastoise

- 1xCharizard

- 1xZoroark


-1xGold Catcher




----Full art (non ex)

- FA Juniper

- FA Bianca

- FA Virizion

- FA Terrakion

- 4x FA Thundurus

- 3x FA tornados

- FA Zekrom BW

- FA Reshiram BW

- FA Victini

-2x FA N





- 3xScizor

- 2xCelebi

- 3xKingdra

- 3xyanmega







----Ace Specs

- Victory piece

- Gold potion

- Rock guard









LT Packs

PB packs

PF packs

HGSS-COL old Packs

HGSS rares (depends on the card)

Holo trainers (depends on the card)

Holo energies

Any secret rare

Any Full art (excluding LT ones)

Any pokemon prime





I also have other cards holos and trainers if you need something specific just ask here


Thank you and happy trading!

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