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water deck


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I toyed with ideas for a water deck and came up with this:

Pokemon 13

4-2-3 Blastoise

3 Keldeo ex

1 Kyurem

Supports 10

4 N

3 Juniper

3 Skyla


4 Ultras

3 R.R.

4 R. Candy

2 Level Ball

4 Pkmn Catchers

2 S. Rods

1 Dowsing Machine (Ace spec)

2 scrappers


15 water

Does this seem like a good deck build or does it need changes?

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Well Keldeo Ex with Blastoise is a popular combination for a reason, but I do see some problems with your deck line-up...


First of all, your Blastoise sequence seems a little off; you have 2 Wartortle in addition to your 4 Rare Candy. That's six cards to access 3 evolutions of Blastoise, and you only really need one on field. You've also got 4 Squirtle as well as 2 Level Ball, with it as your only target. 3-1-3 with 3 Rare Candy(still 1 more than the minimum and you've got Dowsing if something happens to them) and 1 Level Ball should be enough, assuming you don't add something else with <90 HP. That leaves you with a little space to add some other Pokemon; I'd suggest a couple of Suicune(PB) for its' Safeguard Ability.


Your Supporter's seem fine, though I like to have a Colres or two, as it can really stack up during mid-late game. 3 Random Receiver may be a bit much, I'd drop one for an Enhanced Hammer or something.


As for your Items, I don't really think you need 4 Ultra Balls. You only need to field Blastoise and Keldeo so 2-3 should be fine. What you add instead is up to you.


Energy is a pretty obvious one, though you may want a Double Colourless or two if you decide to use Suicune.

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agree on the wartortles, I might go with just 1 as a safety precaution but 2 feels rather unnecessary


I'm happy with supporter line


I think instead of super rods you should just go with energy retrievals, I feel rods have less to offer to this deck


don't think dce is necessary since you have so much water energy and the blastoise to charge it up, if they run garbodor suicune is pretty useless anyways.

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