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First Custom Deck


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I've been playing the Pokemon TCG since I was a kid, but due to location issues, I never had a chance to play competitively. The Online game has given me a second chance at that, with a wider collection and playerbase than I ever could've hoped for when I was a kid. That being said, getting used to the meta-game has definitely taken some doing. After a couple of weeks of trading and clearing trainer challenge out to get the cards I needed, I feel like I have a pretty decent deck. Of course, there's always room for improvement, which is why I'm here :)


The Deck:


Pokemon (18)


Croagunk x4 (LT)

Toxicroak x4 (LT)


Zubat x4 (PS)

Golbat x2 (PS)

Crobat x4 (PS)


Supporters (10)


Bianca x2

Cheren x3

N x3

Prof. Juniper x2

Skyla x3


Items (12)


Computer Search x1

Hypnotoxic Laser x4

Random Receiver x3

Rare Candy x4


Stadiums (3)


Virbank City Gym x3


Energy (14)


Psychic Energy x14




The premise is a pretty simple one. Get Crobat on the field as quickly as possible, then use Virbank and Ultra-Toxic Fang for quick KOs. The Night Sight ability gives me plenty of card draw once I have Crobat on the table, so building up a battle-ready bench is easy. Toxicroak is an excellent revenge killer, should something happen to my first active, and makes it a bit easier to recover and not get swept. My main concern with this deck is that it can be a little bit slow to play... If you guys have any ideas to remedy that, I'd much appreciate them.


Thanks for reading!

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