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Pokemon TCG Community Teamspeak (VoIP)


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Hello there Pokemon TCG Community! I've recently decided to purchase a 100slot Teamspeak (VoIP) for myself and others who wish to join.


Benefits To Joining -

  • Awesome Community!
  • Meet new people & Make Friends!
  • Find battles & Trade cards!
  • Much more :D


If you have a Microphone and are new to Teamspeak you may download it at - [Link removed]


Join IP - [Info Removed]

  1. Keep it PG13, there may be young people in there
  2. Do not spam your microphone
  3. Only 5 Icons per-user in Teamspeak ( 1st additional icon free others = 2$each up to 5 )
  4. Be respectful to all members
  5. Racism NOT TOLERATED ( Instant 48hour Ban )

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Hi Sneyking,


While I think it's a nice idea, links and personal information are both against the rules in the forums and in game.


It's our job as mods to keep our players safe and while I don't believe it to be malicious, I have to close this thread and edit out the information to help ensure the safety of the players here.


Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your desire to reach out to the community.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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