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A Song Of Ice And Fire


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Yeah, I know I ripped off the deck name from George R. R. Martin. Anyway, this deck probably wouldn't win any big tournaments, but it's fun to play around with. Eventually, I do plan to replace the 2 x White Kyurem (Plasma Storm) with 2 x White Kyurem EX (Plasma Storm)


Pokemon: 14

2 x White Kyurem (Plasma Storm)

2 x Larvesta (Plasma Blast)

2 x Volcarona (Plasma Blast)

3 x Squirtle (Plasma Blast)

1 x Wartortle (Plasma Blast)

2 x Blastoise (Plasma Blast)

2 x Suicune (Plasma Blast)


Trainers: 28

4 x Energy Retrieval

2 x Heavy Ball

3 x Level Ball

4 x Rare Candy

2 x Switch

2 x Ultra Ball

3 x Cheren

4 x Cilan

3 x Skyla

1 x Battle City


Energy: 18

9 x Water

9 x Fire





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