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Having a problem with the game


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I have some problems this week with the game. I have been playing for long time and I have never had any problem. But last week I can turn on the game perfectly and start any kind of game (pvp or training) but in 5 or 10 minn the game go out and say that there is a problem. And it never say the problem. I hope any of you can help me. Thank you

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Hi SeHiiO,


We recommend that you try to reinstall the game. If this does not help you out, please contact Customer Support (link is in my signature). Please attach a dxdiag file, you can find the instructions below:



  • On your Windows task bar, click Start.
  • Select and press "Run" (if you do not see "Run", hold down the "Windows" button on your keyboard and press "R"). A "Run" window should pop up.
  • In the "Run" window, type "dxdiag" and click "OK". A "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" window should pop up.
  • In the appeared window choose "Save all information".
  • After you've saved the file, please attach it to your ticket.




Closing thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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