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Stuck Authentication Need Help


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Hello, I recently downloaded this software for my son a few weeks ago. For some reason every time he goes to log in, it just gets stuck at authenticating but before was able to log in perfectly and play the game normal. I've looked all over the internet found several answers and tried almost every solution. Restart/re-download you name it, I actually came across a thread at Pokemon world stating that someones ip was banned? now I don't see why ours would have been but if that's the case could anyone point me in the direction to solve this?





First off I would like to apologize for any inconvenience to the site. After taking a look at all of my sons previous downloads. I had stumbled upon a protection software which would run hidden and block an assorted list of programs including pokemon tcg. I was able to log in correctly and function through the game without fail. Once again apologies for any inconvenience.

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Hi ShoeShineUltima,


It's no inconvenience at all! We're happy to see that you were able to solve your problem. :)


I'll be closing this thread now. If you come across any other issues or need help with anything else, please feel free to make a new thread or contact the support team via the link in my signature.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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