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fun deck for anyone that wants to try!


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hello! I'm always trying to think/make up new unique decks so wanted to share with all welcome to redo it to your liking just threw together today here's list. it does however run low on pokemon and fighters in general i call it *monkey Business*





x4 Chimchar


x1 Monferno


x4 Infernape


x4 Eevee


x4 Umbreon




x1 energy retrieval


x1 full heal


x1 gold potion


x1 max potion


x2 junk arms


x3 rare candy


x2 switch


x4 plasma ball


x2 N's


x2 Juniper's


x3 Prof Oak's


x2 Skyla's


x1 Twin's


x2 Giant Cape's


x16 fire





and yes this is an unlimited deck i prefer more i love playing with junk arms and even Prof Oak but welcome to make changes to deck!

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going to be posting another deck threw together today check deck list below i actually like it better! almost same make as the other still runs umbreon's love using them!


also it is an unlimited deck welcome to work with it to make it a modified if wish.




this deck is called *talk trash*




x4 Eevee ( call for family i use to help find Trubbish fast) but can use others if want.


x4 Umbreon ( team plasma ability )


x4 Trubbish ( i use pile up move one to help me find giant cape for my Garbodor haven't

used others so up to you )


x4 Garbodor ( the one that use's Biosmog main fighter )






x2 N's


x1 colress


x1 bianca


x2 juniper


x3 prof oak


x2 skyla


x1 twins




x2 Virbank City Gym




x3 Giant Cape




x1 full heal


x2 junk arms


x3 max potions


x1 super rod


x2 switch


x4 plasma ball



pretty much goal is to get garbodor up with 1 energy to start poisoning with virbank combo and having a 50% to discard any energy is nice! then just get your non fighter Umbreon's on the bench to power up garbodor's hp an get a nice maximum hp of 210! with x4 umbreon/giant cape

and neft to catcher helps them be somewhat ok but they only have 1 retreat cost and all gain each others hp buff! then if your garbodor gets into trouble on almost being Ko just pop a max potion slap one energy and your gtg!


I've only played this deck once but i went very well against an all ex deck : ) managed to take all prize's and not lose 1 : )


Virizion decks would swallow this trash deck though lol.

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Your deck seems to mostly rely on your trainers and the fact that you hope you pull who you need. idk 2 much Im still a noob to this but why not try gothitelle and use its magic room ability and keep your opponent poisoned? tell me why that wouldn't work or would it spoil the deck? let me know

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