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chat box not working


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When I load up and log into Pokemon TCGO I cant chat in the chat lobbies.

I can use the pre-made sentences and emoticons but I cant type my own things.

Please Help Me and Some Easy Points If You No.

Here Is a Screenshot of how it looks: http://imgur.com/iLJSfiy[/url]


i have heard that it blocks if u are under 18 or any foul word typed


please can you help me can you start my chat box i once said foul said to someone who said me foul words first but then he gave a commet that he will say to pokemon tcg that i told a bad word and then the next day i got blocked can you please open i said him bad word because i didnt knew that it was blocked on pokemon tcg please open i wont do it again.

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Hi blackthundergod,


Hmmm, looks like there was a blip somewhere. You should be good to chat again. Be friendly and have fun online!


If for some reason you still can't chat, you can send in a ticket to the Support Team using the link in my signature.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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