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Information to how become a Moderator - info trade


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Hi everyone


I would have some information



1 month ago i've see 1 ad about the moderation.. I want become a moderator to the italian forum... So.. I haven't read in forum where I can nominate me



someone can tell me where I can find the information about this? (italian forum)



there is a link?





the other question



in private trade... the 2 parts must to insert cards? or A can give some cards "a present" to B?



thx all

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Hi Spata-Pan!


We currently are not looking for moderators for any languages, but we appreciate your interest! :) Keep an eye out for any future promotions.


If you'd like to gift a player, the best way to do so would be to have them offer a common card in exchange. There is no way to directly gift a player without an offer from them.


Thanks for playing!

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Ok, thx all for reply.. ok, I ve ask, because I haven't pokemon cards to trade, and I am looking for a way to get the cards to be exchanged..

I'd like try to become a moderator, although there will be different tasks

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