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Cannot Log In


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I've tried numerous times to log into the Pokemon TCG, but it gets to the "Authorizing" screen and doesn't let me get further than that. I've let it sit for over two hours and still nothing. I've uninstalled the program then reinstalled it and still nothing works. I've had this problem for some time now, and I was only successful for about a week before it started acting up acting. Advice?

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Hello trainers!


Are you referring to the screen that says "authenticating"? If so, here are some fixes you can try:


1. Try logging into pokemon.com and changing your password. You can do this by logging in, clicking the "View Profile" link at the top of the page and then the "Edit Profile" tab, and clicking the "Change Password" button.


2. If changing your password doesn't work, you could possibly be having a router problem. Make sure ports 8181 and 6967 are open on your router's firewall. These ports are necessary to connect to the game. You can read more about what this does in this post by Prof. Mathis.


3. If you're still experiencing problems after trying the above fixes, please send a ticket in to the support team so they can look into your account. To submit a ticket, click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question". Please add as much relevant detail as possible, including all of the fixes you have tried, if you have had success logging into the game in the past, and when you were last able to log in.


Good luck, and thanks for your patience!

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