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mew prime cradily deck


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ok i am been working on making a good mew prime cradily deck for the fun of it, though i could most the deck here to see if anyone has some suggestions



*Mew Prime X2

*Mew Ex

*Mime Junior

*Plasma Crobat X2 (trying to switch out for crobat prime)

*Gengar Prime ... Gradevior (depending on what type of wins i want to go for)

*Serperior (royal heal)

*Vileplume (allergy flower)

*Dusknoir (sinister hand)

*Cradily X2



Escape Rope X2

Hypo Laser X3

Catcher X1

Pokemon Communication X4

Switch X2

Float Stone

Giant Cape

Life Due

Silver Mirror X2


N X4

Prof Oak X2

Cheren X2




Virbank Gym X2

Lost Wolrd.... (or another Virbank)



Physic X6

Grass X4

Double Colorless X2


Prism X2 (would like to switch out for rainbow)

Blend (PFLD) X4


put down any suggestions you might have, i dont really care how expensive a card might be. I was considering putting in a beach or two to help at the start up.

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not enough knowledge on unlimited cards to give any comments, but I believe there was a post previously about an effective mew prime and cradily deck so you might be able to look into that.

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