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First attempt at building a deck (Electric)


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This deck was put together mostly with cards I already had... hence no EX, only one promo, etc. Any constructive criticism or suggestions welcome.


Significant changes have been made the the original deck list. This is the new one (edited as of 11/24):


Pokemon: 17

2 x Kangaskhan (Plasma Blast)

2 x Pikachu (Next Destinies)

2 x Raichu (Next Destinies)

4 x Shinx (Next Destinies)

1 x Luxio (Next Destinies)

3 x Luxray (Next Destinies)

3 x Zekrom (Next Destinies)


Trainers: 28

2 x Energy Retrieval

3 x Level Ball

3 x Pokemon Catcher

4 x Rare Candy

2 x Switch

3 x Ultra Ball

4 x Cilan

2 x N

2 x Professor Juniper

2 x Skyla

1 x Battle City


Energy: 15

15 x Electric


Changes that will be made to the deck probably after Christmas:

-4 x Electric Energy

+4 x Plasma Energy

-2 x Kangaskhan

+2 x Zapdos EX





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skyarrow only works on basic pokemon, the only non evolving pokemon you have is zekrom and emolga, which means skyarrow is more likely to help your opponent than you. 4 stadiums is probabaly a bit too much also, I think dumping skyarrow is fine


cilan and cherens can be changed with junipers and N you're running so much energy that you would not need cilan, and drawing 7 new cards is better than drawing 3


Prism only works on basic pokemon, the only non evolving pokemon you have is zekrom and emolga, most of the time that prism is not going to go where it needs to be.


should run rare candy for the stage 2 line, as well as skyla to improve odds of getting rare candy


needs some ultra balls to find something other than basic pokemon


can potentially cut the eevee line to make room for more trainers


may need some switch or float stones to help with retreat


consider adding an ace spec card any would be fine I think, seems a waste not to put 1


do you have a solution for when u meet a fighting type deck? they're not very common decks but then again neither is electric

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emolga can still be useful in getting more pokemon on the field, the inability to use emolga on turn 1 might make it less effective but it might still be better than being stuck with only 1 zapdos for couple turns


still don't see rare candies, almost all decks running stage 2 should always run 4 rare candies and a couple skylas to back it up, the ratio should normally be 4-1-3 for basic-stage 1-stage 2. It would normally be too slow to manually evolve your way up stage by stage. some decks would even just completely forgo the stage 1 and just depend on rare candies.


pokeball is fine I suppose, would still prefer ultraball just because its more dependable, you'd have to be feeling pretty confident about your position at anytime to add in a card that is going to be junk 50% of the time.

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Took your advice and once again, made some significant changes to the deck (updates in original post... changes will be even more significant probably after Christmas once I have more discretionary income).





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