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Tokens, players and some other questions


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Hi. I just started and i actually never played the pokemon TCG before. Some things were bothering me. First of - how do i earn tokens? It seems that you might or might not get a reward for a won battle and it kind of confuses me. Secondly - there are no player in the new players room, which is a bit frustrating, since i dont necessarily want to open a thread just to ask two simple questions.


Also i would like to know what the best way to earn tokens would be. i have a deck in my mind and i dont want to spend real money.


There also seem to be no communication at all ingame, its almost as if everyone only goes "trade trade trade, buy buy buy, sell sell sell" and no one answers anything. E.g. - how do i know if the card i want/need is in the booster im about to buy???

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